Mary Ragan Slavens

Mary A. Ragan was born in Hendricks County Nov. 23, 1847, and departed this life March 10, 1896, being forty-eight years, three months, and seventeen days old. She was married to Willis Slavens March 14, 1868. To them one daughter was born, who still survives. Sister Slavens became a member of the Christian church at North Salem, in her early girlhood days during the ministry of Bro. M.B. Hopkins. Her every-day life has exemplified her abiding faith in Christ and the necessity of living christianity in the home and everywhere in order to make as our Saviour would have it. She was quiet and modest in manner, but her light shone so that her life is a light along the shore and will never grow dim for it was aflame with the love of Jesus' name. She leaves her husband and daughter, Della, in loneliness and sorrow who, with the help of her brother Will ministered to her every want during her long and painful illness. She leaves five brothers, three of who reside in this county and two in the west. At the death of her parents she filled the place of her mother, as well as sister, to her younger brothers who cannot forget her patient loving care. As companion she was always kind, loving and true; as mother, she was affectionate and indulgent; as sister, she was a model in thoughtfulness to the welfare of her brothers; as neighbor and friend, she was ready to help and comfort. Although for years she was afflicted and suffered much, she was patient and uncomplaining to the last. When she realized that her time on earth was drawing to a close, she expressed her confidence in the Lord and her readiness to go hence and be at rest."

"No life can be pure in its purpose
And strong in its strife
And all life not be purer
And stronger thereby."

Danville Republican, March 19, 1896