90-Year-Old Man Vanishes From Goldfield;
No Clues Found Despite Wide Search

GOLDFIELD, Sept. 13. (Special)-- Ninety-year-old John Slavens is still missing after three weeks.

County officials and friends have searched the surrounding mountains and looked into open shafts without result. There are many possibilities as to what might have happened.

He may have been picked up by a passing motorist and gone to a strange town or out to some out-of-the-way prospector's camp. He may have been murdered for the few dollars that he carried on his person and carted away and buried or dropped in one of the many mine holes that abound over the state. He was about five feet-five and a half inches tall and wore a small pointed beard and had a large wartlike sore on his nose about a half an inch wide. He always wore a hat and was rather shabbily dressed and always wore a coat. He was a soft spoken gentle old man.

He had lost his home by fire almost a year ago and grieved about it. He was settled in a much better house but was not contented in the better home and had spells of forgetfulness. He had made his home here for more than 40 years and in his earlier days worked as a miner and continued his interest in claims he had south of Goldfield. He was never married and the only known relative was or is a brother in Ottawa, Kan. Slavens was born on a farm in Putnam county, Ind.

Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada, September 14, 1952.

Mrs. Vesta Slavens Bahmair of Lecompton, Kan., a niece of 90-year old John Slavens, who disappeared about a month ago, spent several days in Goldfield trying to investigate his affairs and why or when he had disappeared. Absolutely no clues have been found and at present remains a complete mystery.

Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada, September 28, 1952.

Goldfield Man, 90, Found Dead

GOLDFIELD, Nev., Sept. 29. (Special)-- Funeral services were held today for John Slavens, 90, old time resident of this community, whose body was found less than a mile south-east of Goldfield on Sunday by James Daniels, well known cattleman.

Mr. Slavens disappeared on August 6 and since he often wandered around the hills near here a widespread but fruitless search was instituted. The body was found by Mr. Daniels about three-fourths of a mile off the highway near an old road, while he was riding on horseback.

According to District Attorney Peter Breen there was no evidence of foul play and death appeared due to natural causes. His watch was not found, however, and there was no money found.

Mr. Slavens, a miner, had resided in the Goldfleld area for more than forty-fIve years. He was a native of Greencastle, Ind. and was 90 years old this year. Three nieces and two nephews survive. One of them, Mrs. Vesta Slavens Bahmair of Lecompton, Kan., came to Goldfield a few days after Mr. Slavens disappeared and spent a few days here.

Nevada State Journal, Reno, Nevada, September 30, 1952.

Goldfield Miner's Body Is Found

Bringing to an end a month-long search, the body of John Slavens, 90, Goldfield miner, was found near the eastern outskirts of Goldfield Sunday morning by Jim Daniels, Lida rancher, the Associated Press reported.

The body was found near a little used side road amid sagebrush.

Slavens had been the object of a long search by county officials and citizens who scoured the dessert and searched abandoned buildings to find the aged man. District Attorney Peter Breen said there was no evidence of foul play, adding that Slavens had apparently been wandering in the area when stricken by a heart attack or overcome by exhaustion.

Born in Greencastle, Ind., in 1862, Slavens had been a Goldfield resident since 1905. He was a miner and prospector most of his lile.

Three nieces and two nephews survive. Burial was held today in the Goldfield cemetery

Reno (Nevada) Evening Gazette, September 29, 1952.