ANDERSON, Nancy A. SLAVENS BROWN - 1819-1896

Clinton MO, Feb 11 1896 - Tuesday, February 4, 1896, Mrs. Nancy Anderson died at the residence of her brother, G. W. Slavens, in Bethlehem township, her troubled spirit finding peace and eternal haven with her Creator. Her mortality now lies 'neath the soughing boughs of Bethlehem cemetery. Hers was a strange mentality-- a combination of eccentricity and wit that for a half century has been a theme to pioneer and native of Henry county. Sane, yet insane, in the little cabin back of the State Bank in Clinton, for nearly fifty years she hath gone in and out alone, gaining her own livlihood until prevailed upon by her brother to spend the winter at his home. From what we can learn, she came with the Slavens family to this county from Ohio in the early forties. Married Rev. Andrew Brown, brother of Rev. Peter Brown. After a few years, she was divorced, the married Maj. Tom Anderson, a Virginian, who was a wood workman. By this union, she leaves a daughter, Mrs. Eliza Burch. It is related that when Maj. Ashby was building the residence on what is now known as the Mound farm, she told him not to finish it, as it would be burned down. This somewhat alarmed Mr. Ashby. Later, one evening, she quietly stole from her husband and home and for 21 days, the citizens sought after her-- dragging the wells, looking everywhere, but in vain. There were whisperings of foul play and Mr. Anderson was regarded with suspicion. Much to the gratification of all, she returned-- as quietly as she had gone, saying the Lord had commanded her to fast for forty days and now she thought she'd come in. She said the searchers could a number of times have touched her while she was hiding in the Grand River bottoms. An inquiry was launched as to her sanity, Jesse W. Sharp, now living on the Sharp homestead, being one of the jurors. She was sent to the asylum and after two years, returned home, her husband having died in the meantime. She must have been between 80 and 90 years old. Peace to her ashes! As she goeth about the streets of New Jerusalem, asking each to smell her flowers, may none say her nay.

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