The Rev. Dr. Slevin. -- It is with feelings of the deepest regret, and in the spirit of unfeigned sorrow, that we announce the death of this distinguished ecclesiastic, which occurred at Bourdeaux, a few days ago. By this melancholy and premature event, has the Church of which he was so exemplary a member, been deprived of one its ablest abettors, and highest ornaments: a scholar, a gentleman, a divine, and a truly Christian priest. His habits were unobtrusive and retiring, and it was not until drawn before the public, by the call of the 'Commissioners of Education Inquiry,' that he displayed those gigantic talents, and that store of learning which have rendered him so famous amongst Catholic theologians. Indeed, it is to his protracted examination before these Commissioners, and to the severe necessity imposed upon him alone, of all the professors at Maynooth, of revising and correcting the voluminous report of his luminous evidence in the Commissioners' office, that his irreparable loss is attributable. In the discharge of this arduous duty he caught a cold, which unfortunately terminated in a fatal decline. To his memory this short tribute of respect is offered by one who had long the pleasure of knowing Dr. Slevin well, who was an ardent admirer of his public and private virtues, and who had the happiness to be reckoned among the number of his friends.

Dublin (Ireland) Weekly Register, November 15, 1828.

At Bordeaux, the Rev. Dr. Nicholas Slevin, Librarian and Prefect of the Dunboyne Establishment at Maynooth College. He died of a decline, caused by a heavy cold which he caught during his protracted examinations before the Commissioners of Education Inquiry.

The Catholic Miscellany.July-December 1828.
Published by J. Robins and Co., Ivy Lane, Paternoster Row; and Upper Ormand Quay, Dublin, Ireland.