BURNSIDES, William H. - 1849-1900

Clinton MO, Mar 10 1900 - W. H. Burnsides was born December 12, 1849; married Martha Slavens in 1879; died February 24, 1900, being a little past 50. He had lived here all his life and owned several hundred acres of land in Bethlehem township. He was stricken with jaundice sixteen months ago and he felt, after so many months of trials and sufferings, he would yet wear it out and be strong once more. Surely, if happiness can ever come from the honors of triumph of this worth, W. H. Burnsides may well have been a happy man, surrounded by the wife of his youth, whose whole life lay in his; the little boy not yet emerged from childhood's days of frolic; the fair young daughter; the sturdy son, just springing into closest companionship, claiming every day and every day rewarding a father's love. What brilliant broken plans, what baffled high ambition, what sundering of strong warm manhood's friendship, what bitter rending of sweet household ties. Great in life, he was surpassingly great in death. Altho he made no public profession, he said he was not afraid to die. Elder Weir conducted the funeral at Bethlehem church and he was laid to rest in Bethlehem cemetery, followed by the largest concourse of friends and relatives ever witnessed on such an occasion. Besides his own family, he leaves two brothers and sister.

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