TERRILL, William H. - 1844-1898

Clinton MO, Aug 20 1898 - Died August 6, 1898 at his home near Gaines, of bronchitis, Wm. H. Terrill. born in Marion County, Mo. August 6, 1844 and was just 54 the day of his death. Married to Elizabeth Slavens of Bethlehem township about 31 years ago. United with Bethlehem Baptist church in 1866 and was a regular communicant. He was a man entirely destitute of rashness of impetuousity and always weighed matters fairly before drawing conclusions. He seldom uttered a superfluous word. We were called to his home to assist in drafting his will before his death and during this trying ordeal to most persons, he spoke calmly of the end soon to come, as if he were only going on a business trip. Interment at Bethlehem in the presence of probably the largest number of persons ever assembled at a burying in this community.

from the Henry County MoGenWeb site