Passenger Arrivals in New York 1851-1891.

Ther following table was compiled from data assembled by Ancestry.com from their transcription of the microfilm of passenger ships arriving from foreign ports at the Port of New York from 1851-1891. Besides the usual caveat about spelling, there are inconsistencies in recording the country of origin (i.e. Ireland; Ireland, Great Brtiain; Great Brtiain; England). While New York was the largest single port of entry for European immigrants, there were others such as Boston; however, despite these shortcomings, the table gives a general idea of where immigrants with our surname were coming from in the last half of the 19th century.

Passenger Arrivals at New York, 1851-1891.
Country of originSlavenSlavensSlavinSlevinSleavinSlovin
Ireland67 1527722
Scotland10 27 1
Ireland, Great Brtiain  11  
Great Brtiain10 171723
Holland     1
Sweden 2 2  
Hungary  1  1

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