1st Row: Velma Marion (daughter of the late Myrtle (Slavens/Mrs. Claude Marion), Paul Walton (son of John and Ella Belle Walton), Thelma Marion (daughter of the late Myrtle (Slavens/Mrs. Claude Marion), Ernest Slavens. The Marion twins were raised by William and Adeline Slavens after their mother's death.

2nd Row: Adaline Slavens, holding (best guess) Ila Slavens, daughter of Tide and Marie Slavens, William Slavens, holding (best guess) Maurice LaFoe (son of Maggie and James LaFoe), Letitia (Gowin/Mrs. Oscar K.) Bales, ????????, Elmer Johnson. Note: it may be ???????? and then Letitia Bales; there were only four names on the back of the photo. Letitia was a daughter of Allen Gowin, a half-brother of Adeline's from her father's first marriage. Letitia's first husband, Amos Walton, was a half-brother of Adeline's from her mother's first marriage. John Walton was a son of Amos and Letitia Walton.

3rd Row: Sadie (Mrs. Ernest) Slavens, Tide Slavens (tall man with necktie), Marie (Mrs. Tide) Slavens holding (best guess) son Guy Slavens, Ella Belle (Mrs. John) Walton, Ida (Mrs. Elmer) Johnson, Maggie (Slavens) LaFoe, Jim LaFoe.

Back Row: unknown older man (Benjamin Fry?), Nitus Slavens, unknown man (or woman), Guy Slavens, unknown man (behind Guy and Sadie), Sadie (Mrs. Guy) Slavens, John Walton, unknown man.

Notes: The children held by the adults were not identified; their identies are based on the ages of the children in the summer of 1915. Hazel Slavens, daughter or Ernest and Sadie Slavens, does not appear to be in the photo-- at least I don't see anyone who looks like a 12 year-old girl. Perhaps she took the photo? I assume that the unknown people are either other Gowin or Walton kin of Adeline's, or other Fry family members, as this group is almost as much a Fry family gathering as a Slavens reunion. (Ella Belle Walton, Ida Johnson, and Sadie (Sarah, Mrs. Ernest) Slavens were sisters, daughters of Benjamin and Martha (Boyd) Fry.) That's what makes me wonder if the older man in the back left is Benjamin Fry, as (per his obituary) he had sold his farm and moved in with John and Belle Walton by 1915.

If you can identify any of the unknown persons, or confirm (or refute) the other identifications, please contact me! Email me at iarooster@earthlink.net Based on the people who are identified, I suspect that the unnamed persons may include Oscar Bales, Hattie Potter (sister of Letitia Gowin) and husband George Potter, or perhaps other Fry siblings: Frank Fry, Effie Cameron, Mary Holmes, Carrie Welch, or Myrtle Wise (and spouses).

Thanks to Luke Slavens for sharing the photo.