Bob Slavin.

Bob Slavin was one of the most brilliant comedians in the minstrel firmament: a natural wit: a great entertainer.

About 1874 he did a specialty with George Nelson; and a year or so later he doubled with "Buck" Sheffer; the partnership continued about two years. Subsequently he appeared with unqualified success with Haverly's, the San Franciscos, and Emerson's in San Francisco. In July, 1885, at Paterson. N. J., McNish, Johnson and Slavin's Minstrels gave their first performance: they continued as an organization for three seasons, Mr. McNish retiring. Johnson and Slavin's Minstrels took the road: the partnership dissolved in June 1889.

July 17, 1890, Mr. Slavin opened for a limited engagement with Wm. Henry Rice's World's Fair Minstrels, and closed September 2 at Elmira, N.Y., September 10. He opened with the Howard Athenaeum Company in Troy, N.Y., doing his specialty in white-face; sad to say, this engagement lasted only about a month.

Mr. Slavin subsequently appeared with the May-Russell Burlesque Company. On November 19, 1892, he began an engagement with Crawford Brother's Minstrels in South Bend, Ind. Mr. Slavin made his last appearance with this company about Christmas the same year, at Toledo, Ohio.

Mr. Slavin married Agnes Louise Laurence, a non-professional, in 1878. Bob Slavin was born in Baltimore, Md., November 28, 1853; he died in Toledo, Ohio, December 29, 1892.

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