Chapter VII.

St. Marys Roman-Catholic Church, parish, and Sunday-school.

...The successor of Father Lynch was the Rev. Charles T. Slevin, who came to Yonkers in May, 1865. For two years he had no assistant. One of the first of Father Slevin’s works was the erection, in 1866, of a white marble altar and tabernacle in place of the wooden altar in the church. In 1867 the altar recess was beautified by three large paintings.

Father Slevin also enlarged the parochial residence, making an addition to the front of the building and doubling the accommodations, at a cost of $10,000.

The parish school was continued by Father Slevin as he found it. Sister Ann Cecilia and Sister M. Maurice conducted the girls’ school, which numbered 155 children, and the Brothers had about 150 boys in 1865. The boys' school was discontinued in November, 1876, until it was reopened by Rev. Charles R. Corley, the successor of Father Slevin.

Father Slevin’s assistants were the following: Rev. Albert A. Lings (now pastor of St. Joseph’s Church), from October 1867 to 1871; Rev. Bernard Goodwin, June, 1871, to February, 1872; Rev. J. Byron, from February, 1872, to June, 1874.

During this time Father Slevin’s health had been so much impaired that he obtained leave of absence and went to Europe, hoping to regain his health by an ocean voyage and a brief visit to the Continent. The Rev. Edward McKenna took his place as parish priest from February to October, 1873. Father Slevin returned with improved health and resumed his pastorate in October, 1873. Rev. Eugene McKenna assistant from June, 1874, to May 1875; Rev. James VT. Hays, May, 1875, for a short period. But before this, in October, 1874, Rev. Andrew O’Reilley was made assistant and serves until the present date.

Father Slevin’s health continued to fail, and in June, 1877, the Rev. Charles R. Corley was sent to supply the place. On the 18th of July, 1878, Rev. Charles T. Slevin, still holding his pastorate, died among his relatives at North Easton, Mass.

Father Slevin was the first pastor to have a paid choir at St Mary’s. He rebuilt the organ gallery, putting a larger and finer organ in place of the old one, which remains. He reduced the debt on the church from $18,000 to $12,000. During his pastorate two important events occurred in the history of the Catholic Church at Yonkers; first, the founding of St. Aloysins’ in 1868, and second the setting off of the new parish of St Joseph’s in 1871.

Church and Sunday School Work in Yonkers : Its Origin and Progress.
by Agnes E.Kirkwood. G.L. Shearer, New York. 1889.