Edward Slavin

EDWARD SLAVIN, a farmer, living two miles north and three east of Tampico, was born in Lewis county, New York, in 1856, to Irish parents. His father and mother, Andrew and Ann (Duncan) Slavin, both of whom were born in Ireland, later settled in Minnesota, where the father farmed. Here young Slavin attended the schools of his district, and worked with his father on the farm until eighteen, when he started out to do for himself, working at any job that came his way, principally, however, in the forests of that country. In 1887, he came to Washington, settling in Yakima county, where he and his brother bought a quarter section of land of the railroad company. They cut logs on their place that fall, also worked together for a time on the brotherís hop ranch. Mr. Slavin then spent three years in North Yakima running the street sprinkler and hauling lumber, then he went to the Big Bend country, where he farmed for a year. Returning to Yakima county at the end of that time, he engaged in farming on the Ahtanum, and he has been thus engaged ever since. He follows diversified farming, giving attention to hops, hay and stock, and achieving an excellent success in his line.

In Yakima City, in 1892, Mr. Slavin married Lilian, daughter of George Jervius, a merchant of that place. Mr. Jervius was born in Canada and came to Yakima City at a very early date. Mrs. Slavin is a native of Omaha, Nebraska, born in 1873, but she came to Washington when six years of age, and was educated here, teaching school for a time, after completing her education. Mr. and Mrs. Slavinís children are: Zoe S., born December 6, 1896; Helen M., born December 4, 1899, and Lawrence, born in 1902. Mr. and Mrs. Slavin are members of the Catholic church. Mr. Slavin is a pronounced Democrat. Coming to the county with little capital, he has, by industry and thrift, acquired a competency, and the respect which is ever willingly accorded those who prove themselves master of adversity is his to enjoy.

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