H.G. Slavens, also of Woodson county, produced Shorthorns from 1895 to 1912 when he was forced to discontinue because of failing health. Dr. Slavens was fortunate in the selection of his foundation stock having bought from a good Iowa herd at a time when fifty dollars would buy a very choice cow. He also made a hit in the purchase of the bull Red Gauntlet by Godoy. Dr. Slavens was a Shorthorn enthusiast, a good feeder, and a close student and had he retained his health he would have made a great success of the breeding business. The herd was dispersed in 1912, five excellent heifers going to Hall Bros. of Allen county.

Kansas Shorthorns; A History of the Breed in the State from 1857 to 1920
by G.A. Laude, Laude Printing Company, Iola, Kansas, 1920.