James H. Slavin, another of our lawyers, while living, was acknowledged to have no superior in the county in the line of his profession, but seems to have been generally misunderstood. He always discourgaed litigation and would not touch a suit that he was satisfed had its origin in spite. His death occurred from a chronic malady in 1875.

Biographical Directory of the Taxpayers and Voter of McHenry County, C. Walker & Co., Chicago, 1877.

James H. Slavin ranked among he best lawyers of his day and generation. He was born and reared in McHenry County, and after practicing here for fifteen years, on February 6, 1875, he passed away, aged thirty-eight years. He was a self-made man, and rose to a high position among his fellow men. He had a logical mind, a fine discriminating power, and a most excellent memory. Although interesed in state and national affairs, he kept out of politics, and oftentimes refused nomination for office, preferring to devote all of his time and energy to the law.

History of McHenry County, Illinois, Munsell Publishing Company, Chicago, 1922.