James Slevin, Importer and Wholesale Dealer in Teas, Coffee, Spices, Liquors, etc.-- No. 462 Greenwich Street-- Since Mr. Slevin founded his business in 1874 he has built up a large and influential connection with retail dealers throughout the city and and surrounding country, and he commands an A1 standing in the trade. He carries on general operations as an importer and wholesale dealer in teas, coffees, spices, and also in foreign wines, liquors, and French liqueurs, receives his goods direct from the leading sources of production, nad handles none but the finest grades and most superior quality of merchandise. Having the best of connections with producers and manufacturers he secures the greatest discounts, purchasing in heavy quantities, and can offer terms to the trade of the most advantageous character. His wareroom is filled with a large, fresh stock, and every facility is possessed for meeting all orders promptly and satisfactorily. Personally, Mr. Slevin is noted for his energy and business push, and through his enterprise he is assisting in a substantial manner in promoting the commerce of the city with ability and success.

Illustrated New York: The Metropolis of To-Day,
International Publishing Co., New York, New York, 1888.