John G. Slavin, now deceased, was one of the best farmers Hebron Township ever produced, and his widow still lives on the farm which is located two miles south of Hebron. He was born March 23, 1851, and died September 8, 1892, when but forty-one years of age. On April 23, 1884, he was married at Hartland, to Mary Halloran, a daughter of Patrick and Joannah (McGrath) Halloran, natives of County Clare and County Kilkenny, Ireland, and came to Alden in 1853 and 1855 respectively, and were married in 1S56, living in Alden Township the rest of their lives, he passing away at the age of sixty-seven, and she at the age of sixty-three, although she survived him. Their old farm is owned by their son, Thomas Halloran. They were devout members of St. Patrick's Catholic Church of Hartland Township.

Mary Halloran was born on her parents' farm, and for six years prior to her marriage was engaged in teaching, being for four years in charge of one school, and for the other two years at the Hartland school. John G. Slavin came to McHenry County in company with his brother Matt and a sister, Anna, now Mrs. E. Vanderharr, and they went into partnership and conducted the farm now owned by Mrs. Slavin. After four years Matt Slavin moved on an adjoining farm, and he died in April, 1893, when less than forty.

There are 240 acres in the farm owned by John G. Slavin, and here he carried on dairying, which is continued by Mrs. Slavin's sons. They have rebuilt and enlarged the house, built a barn and two silos, and have every equipment necessary for dairy farming. Some sixty acres of the farm have been redeemed by the construction of the drainage district, and Mrs. Slavin has kept all of the original acreage. This farm is one of the best on the road between Hebron and Woodstock, and it is operated with skill and profit. Mrs. Slavin continues her connection with St. Patrick's Catholic church of Hartland Township, some seven miles from her home, where the remains of her father lie buried.

Mr. and Mrs. Slavin were the parents of the following children: Matthew; Mary, who is Mrs. Daniel Shields, lives on their farm in Hebron Township; Howard, who lives on the home farm; John, who also lives on the home farm. Matthew, who owns 200 acres adjoining the homestead, is operating it. He married Mary Moren, of Chicago, and their children are as follows: James, Marian, Ruth, Matthew and Edward. Howard married Agnes Gleason and they have one daughter, Helen. Mary has three sons, John, Edward and Daniel.

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