SLAVEN, John Wallace.

Druggist, Orillia, Ontario, is a native Canadian, having been born in the county of Prince Edward, Ontario, on the 16th August, 1834. His father, P. Slaven, and mother, Eliza Walsh, both come from the county of Wexford, Ireland. Mr. Slaven received his educational training in the public and grammar schools of his native county. He holds a medical degree from an American medical school, but preferring business, he has never practiced his profession. He first commenced the drug business in Wellington, Prince Edward county, in partnership with the later Dr. Archie Campbell, of that place, and in the fall of 1862 removed to Orillia, where he has continued business with fair success up to the present. Mr. Slaven attended the Military School at Kingston and in 1866 graduated from that institution. He afterwards became a lieutenant and then captain of the 7th Company Simcoe Foresters, which position he held for some time. He has served several years in the Municipal council of Orillia, and was deputy reeve of the same for two and a half years. He was elected once by a large majority and twice by acclamation. He was appointed justice of the peace for the county of Simcoe by the Mowat government about eight years ago. Mr. Slaven is public-spirited, and takes an active part in every thing that tends to advance the town he had chosen as his home. He is a Conservative, and in 1882 was induced to enter the field of politics, and became a candidate for his party for the Ontario legislature, in opposition to Charles Drury, or Oro township, Simcoe, but failed to be elected. He at present is president of the Liberal-Conservative Association of the riding of East Simcoe. He has found some time to travel, and has visited the Pacific coast, the West Indies, and many other parts of the North American continent. In religion Mr. Slaven belongs to the Roman Catholic church. He was married to Maggie McDonnell, of Barrie, in June 1867.

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