Slevin & Phelan.

This firm came from Somerset, Ohio, with a stock of goods in 1833. John Slevin, one of the firm, afterwards made a name for himself in Cincinnati as a wholsale merchant as one of the firm of J. & J. Slevin. In 1838 the stock of Slevin & Phelan was sold to Workman & Co., who in the fall of 1840 removed to Chauncey, Ohio...

Citizens of 1837.

It will interest the reader to know who the prminent business men of Lancaster were in 1837. January 5, 1837, one hundred and five of the leading citizens petitioned the town council to purchase a town clock and place it in the steeple of the Presbyterian Church. The petition was signed as follows: ... John Slevin

Centennial History of Lancaster, Ohio, and Lancaster People 1898.
C.M.L. Wiseman, Publisher, Lancaster Ohio. 1898.