The Slevin family is one of the ancient Ulster families. O'Hart in his Irish Pedigrees gives the family of Sleven, as it is sometimes spelled as among the numerous families that trace their descent from Colla da Chrioch, most of whom are Protestants in the north of Ireland. Colla da Chrioch was one of the three sons of Eochaidh Dubhlen, so-called from the fact that he was brought up in Dublin. The father of Eochaidh was Cairbre-Lifeachar, the 117th Monarch of Ireland, son of Cormac Art. O'Hart gives his pedigree to the remotest antiquity, including the 117 kings. Branches of the Slavin family settled in Scotland, but the seat of the family remains to-day in Ulster.

In 1890, eleven Slavins were born in Antrim county, Ulster and but three in all the rest of Ireland, while most of the Slevins also lived in Ulster.

(I) William Slavin, the progenitor, was born in Scotland and lived there all his life. He was a Protestant in religion.

(II) Blyth Slavin, son of William Slavin (1), was born in Scotland. He was educated in his native parish and learned the trade of weaver. When a young man he came to America and settled in Lawrence, Massachusetts, where he found employment in the famous Pemberton Mills, at his trade as weaver. He married Marion Morrison. Children: Agnes, Marion, William, Mary, Margaret, Marion, Hugh, Isabel.

(III) William Slavin, son of Blyth Slavin (2), was born in Scotland, July 17, 1837, and died in Lawrence, Massachusetts, January 17, 1899. He received his schooling in his native town and learned the trade of painter. He came with his father and the family to Lawrence in 1855. He followed his trade as a painter, as journeyman and contractor all his life. He was successful in business, careful, prudent and shrewd. In 1862 he enlisted in the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment of Volunteers in the civil war, in Captain Roland's company, and served his term of enlistment. In politics he was a Republican, in religion a member of the Protestant Episcopal Church. He married September, 1857, Margaret Cochran, who was born in Scotland, October 9, 1834. She comes of an ancient Scotch family. The Cochranes were located in Renfrewshire and Ayrshire before A.D. 1300, and this family possesses the earldom of Dundonald and the lordship of Cochrane. Children of William and Margaret Slavin, born in Lawrence:

1. William, October 27, 1858; died October 27. 1858.
2. Christina, born February 6, 1860.
3. Margaret, July 27, 1861: died July 8. 1864.
4. Marion, born February 12, 1863; died 1905.
5. Mary, born March 4, 1865.
6. Albert M., October 15, 1869.
7. Thomas, 1870.
8. Charles Henry, October 24, 1874.

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