Ollie Belford Slavens was an older brother of Bert Slavens. We know very little about him. The two Clodfelter genealogy books list his name and birthdate, 1-10-1872, and say, “Unable to obtain further information.” Bert’s two living children, Bert and Tot, tell me that Ollie married, had six children and remained in Indiana his entire lifetime. He lived in the Terre Haute area and in Clay City and died either in 1928 or 1929. Tot remembers his father telling him about coming back to Indiana and seeing Ollie’s tombstone. However, neither the Clay County or Vigo County libraries have any record of him nor does the Indiana Department of Health which maintains a record of death certificates. The Clay County library did have a record of Ollie and Mary M. Davis marrying August 3, 1898 and having infants born on August 4, 1899 and January 21, 1904. Both libraries had records of several Slavens families living in the two counties so one could assume that he was living among his father’s relatives alter he left Portland Mills.

from Clodfelter Pioneer Days
compiled by Hubert Clodfelter and Malcolm Romine, edited by Paul H. Clodfelter.
Copies of the book are available from Mr. Romine at 66 Ridgeway Dr., Brownsburg, IN 46112 or Don Harbison, 200 Howard Ave., Rockville, IN. 47872.