AN ENTERPRISING CANADIAN. We clip the following paragraph from the editorial pages of our esteemed contemporary, the Pacific Medical & Surgical Journal:

A SUPERB PHARMACY -- Travelers tell us that the retail drug stores of the United States are fitted up with more care and better taste than those of any other part of the world. This being so, it is reserved for San Francisco to excel any Atlantic city in this regard. There can be little doubt that the establishment of Mr. Slaven, in the Baldwin building, takes the lead. Its apparel is truly gorgeous. There is something curious in the thought that on the Pacific Coast, which thirty years ago was a wilderness, there should have sprung up the most sumptuous and beautiful pharmaceutical establishment in the world.

The Mr. Slaven referred to is a brother of Dr. Slaven, druggist, of Orillia, and was, for a long time, manager of the business there. He is a member of our college of Pharmacy, and we have pleasure in stating the fact that, on presenting our diploma, it was very courteously received and recognized by the California College, and Mr. Slaven was at once admitted to membership, without examination, and also allowed to conduct business under the Pharmacy Act of the State.

Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal, published by the authority of Ontario College of Pharmacy, Toronto. vol X, 1876-7.