William H. Slavin

TREASURER AND TAX COLLECTOR WILLIAM H. SLAVIN is a native of the state which the great Thomas H. Benton so ably represented in the American Congress, and who has added, with others, such luster to fame of American statesmanship. Mr. Slavin was born near Memphis, Scotland County, Missouri, July the 12th, 1849. He, like so many others who have helped to make the great west, is a self-educated man, his public school education having been limited, and he, as the stepping-stone to further preferment. In 1878 he located near Hanford, entering his chosen profession, and on the formation of the County he was induced to accept the Democratic nomination for the office of Treasurer, which was given to him by acclamation. On the consolidation of the office of Tax Collector with that of Treasurer, he was again nominated by acclamation, and at the polls received the highest vote given to any officer of the County. It is needless to say that he is a very popular gentleman. The books in which he keeps the public records of his office are perfect models of exactness and fine penmanship.

Kings County Resources Illustrated, Hanford Daily Democrat, 1897
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