William W. SLAVEN is a native of Virginia, born in Pocahontas county, March 29, 1829. William and Margaret (Woodell) Slaven, his parents, came with him to Jackson county in 1845. His father is now one of the oldest men in the county, his birth having occurred July 1, 1798. At Ravenswood, in this county, on the 24th of November, 1853, William W. Slaven became the husband of Fidelia Warth. Their four children were born: Laura E. (Kyger), November 5, 1854; Mary A. (McCown), March 7, 1857; Charles S., September 24, 1860; Frances L. (McCown), May 22, 1863. The only son died November 17, 1877, the oldest daughter lives in Roane county, this State, and the other two daughters in homes of their own in this district. Fidelia, wife of Mr. Slaven, was born in Meigs county, Ohio, November 22, 1831. Her father, Robert Warth, was born October 30, 1800, and her mother, whose maiden name was Mary O. Johnson, was born July 11, 1810. Farming is the occupation of William W. Slaven, Grant district his place of residence, and his post office address is Ravenswood, Jackson county, West Virginia.

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