Slaven(s) in Alabama Census Transcriptions

1900 Railroad Avenue, Pratt City, Jefferson County, Alabama p. 8/308A

Richard E. Slaven     head   Mar 1873  27   California  Ireland     Germany      rigger scaffolding
Hattie Slaven         wife   Jun 1874  25   Ohio        Germany     Pennsylvania 
Flora Slaven          dau    Nov 1899 6/12  Alabama     California  Ohio

1900 (District?) 37, Jefferson County, Alabama p. 13/194A
Shed Slavens          head   Nov 1853  46   Alabama     Georgia     Georgia      iron ore miner
Mary J. Slavens       wife   May 1851  49   Alabama     Alabama     Alabama
Ella Jones            dau    Dec 1877  22   Alabama     Alabama     Alabama      washwoman
Willy Jones           son    Oct 1898   1   Alabama     Alabama     Alabama
note: there is a mark on the film or page that partially obscures the name; it's very likely that
this should be "Stevens" instead of "Slavens." Also, this family is African-American.

1910 Birmingham, District 45, Jefferson County, Alabama p. 8B

R.E. Slavin          head   37  M 12y  Germany          Germany          France          ironworker
Hattie Slavin        wife   36  M 12y  Ohio             Ohio             Ohio
Flora? Slavin        dau    11         Alabama          Germany          Ohio 
Mary? Slavin         son     8         Alabama          Germany          Ohio 
  Names are hard to read, but it*really* does like it says "Mary" and "son"

1920 City of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama p. 21B

Hattie Slaven        head   45  W      Alabama          Alabama          Alabama         labor, cracker factory
Henry Slaven         son    16  S      Alabama          Alabama          Alabama         car repairer, RR shop
Emma Slaven          dau     8  S      Alabama          Alabama          Alabama         

1920 City of Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama p. 1A

Julius Slavin        lodger 25  S      Russia-Jewish    Russia-Jewish    Russia-Jewish   collector, novelty co.

1930 City of Birmingham, Precint 30, Jefferson County, Alabama p. 7B

Edna? Slaven         head   39  W      Kentucky         Georgia          Georgia         saleslady, dept. store
Henry E. Slaven      son    19  S      Kentucky         Kentucky         Kentucky        driver, laundry wagon
Emma Slaven          dau    18  S      Kentucky         Kentucky         Kentucky        stenographer, linotype firm

1930 City of Birmingham, Precinct 45, Jefferson County, Alabama p. 3A/221

Neil Slaven          head   38  M      lowland Scotland lowland Scotland lowland Scotland  insurance salesman 
Ellen Slaven         wife   31  M      lowland Scotland Ireland          Ireland           
J. Edward            son    10  S      lowland Scotland Scotland         Scotland
Betty Slaven         dau     8  S      lowland Scotland Scotland         Scotland
Neil Slaven Jr.      son     6  S      Scotland         Scotland         Scotland
Walter F. Slaven     son     2  S      Alabama          Scotland         Scotland
James Slaven         son     1  S      Alabama          Scotland         Scotland

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