Slaven(s) in Connecticut Census Transcriptions

1850 4th Ward, Bridgeport, Connecticut p. 271

Mary Slavin             31                                 Ireland 
Mary A. Slavin           7                                 New York

1850 Middletown City, Middlesex, Connecticut p. 472

Thomas Slavin           35   laborer                       Connecticut
Winifred Slavin         30                                 Ireland
John Slavin              3
Margaret Slavin          1                                 Connecticut

1860 Waterbury, New Haven County, Connecticut p. 124

John Slaven             35   works in factory              Ireland
Bridget Slaven          35                                 Ireland
Mary Slaven              5                                 Connecticut
Patrick Slaven           3                                 Connecticut
Sarah Slaven             2                                 Connecticut
John Slaven            6/12                                Connecticut

1860 Town of Canaan, Litchfield County, Connecticut p. 900/901

Henry D. Perry          62   carpenter                     Connecticut
Anjanett Perry          51                                 Connecticut
Margaret Slaven         26   tailoress                     Ireland

1860 Salisbury, Litchfield County, Connecticut p. 38

Leonard Chase           35   hotel keeper                  New York
Anna Chase              68   house keeper                  New York
Myron A. Fuller         28   clerk                         New York
Bridget Slaven          22   domestic                      Ireland
Ellen Shivey?           23   domestic                      Ireland
Janett Cole             38   house keeper                  New York
Seneca Surdam?          40   laborer                       Connecticut
A.J. Brown              28   mason                         Connecticut

1860 Bridgeport, Fairfield County, Connecticut p. 193

John Eaton              34   farmer                        Massachusetts      
Mary A. Eaton           31                                 New York
Walter A. Eaton          9                                 Massachusetts  
Emma A. Eaton            8                                 Massachusetts
Matilda Slaven          16   servant                       Ireland

1860 Darin, Fairfield County, Connecticut p. 871

Nathaniel Slaven        88                                 Connecticut
Alvey B. Warren         64   shoe maker                    Connecticut
Elizabeth L. Warren     62                                 New York

1930 Borough of Greenwich, Fairfield County, Connecticut p. 26/10A

Ralph E. Slaven   head  51  M  26   California  Canada        Maine            none
Nan Slavens       wife  49  M  24   Virginia    Pennsylvania  Virginia         none 
Ellis A. Slaven   son   22  S       New York    California    Virginia         receiving clerk, bank
R. Emerson Slaven son   21  S       New York    California    Virginia         none
Virginia Slaven   dau   18  S       Connecticut California    Virginia         none
Robert Slaven     son   16  S       Connecticut California    Virginia         none
Mary Loughlin     maid  20  S       Ireland     Ireland       Ireland          maid, private

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