Slaven(s) in 1900 Iowa Soundex.

The following is a transcription of index cards bearing Slaven(s), Slavin(s), and similar surnames in the 1900 Federal Census Soundex for Iowa. The listing contains the head of household, township and county of residence with city if listed, and the index number on the first line, and any additonal household members listed on the card on the second line. The format of the index number is volume-enumeration district-sheet-line. Index numbers do not correspond to a page number, but should help you locate the family fairly quickly in a listing or on microfilm.

Spelling is how the transcriber interpreted the card, and knowing how misspellings are common in census enumerations, take all spellings with a grain of salt.

Name                       Residence                                   Index No.
Agnes Slaven               Falls Twp., Cerro Gordo Co.                 14-20-5-68
  servant in the Warner Gilchner household

Anna Slevin                Denison Twp., Crawford Co. (Denison)        19-56-13-66
  in household of son-in-law Hugh O'Hare

CC Sleven                  Washington Twp., Keokuk Co. (What Cheer)    42-55-8-12
  H__ (?), borders E. Chappell and Cora McCormack

Catherin Slaven            Des Moines Twp., Boone Co. (Boone)          6-6-11-52
  with grandmother Bridget Casey

Edward Slevin              Davenport Twp., Scott Co. (Davenport)       69-133-117-82
  servant in the James P> Donahue household

Edward Slavin              Muscatine Twp., Muscatine Co. (Muscatine)   56-106-2-60
  Mary, Dotty, Katy

Ernest Slavens             Jefferson Twp., Adair Co.                   1-12-2-12
  with cousin John M. Walton

Florence Slavin            Des Moines Twp., Polk Co. (Des Moines)      61-71-16-93
  with mother Mary D. Maloney

Frank P. Slavin            Des Moines Twp., Polk Co. (Des Moines)      61-68-23-64
  with grandmother Mary Hartney

Geo. Slavens               Center Twp., Wapello Co. (Ottumwa)          77-122-4-98
  Roena, Elen O., Morris R.

George Slavin              Des Moines Twp., Polk Co. (Des Moines)      61-71-16-95
  with mother Mary D. Maloney

Henry Slaven               Linden Twp., Mahaska Co. (Oskaloosa)        49-69-16-92
  roomer, no head of household listed

Henry C. Slaven            Cass Twp., Shelby Co.                       70-163-11-84
  William T.

J.E. Slavin                Bloomfield Twp., Polk Co.                   61-61-3-94
  living alone

James Slavin               Jackson Twp., Webster Co. (Clare)           81-176-17-68
  living alone

Jesse Slavens              Washington Twp., Jasper Co. (Colfax)        38-38-12-73
  Anna L.

Jessie Slavens             Lincoln Twp., Adair Co.                     1-9-8-77
  border in Benjamin Fry household

John Sliven                Highland Twp., Washington Co.               79-114-7-30
  servant in John Edwards household

John Slavin                Des Moines Twp., Polk Co. (Des Moines)      61-73-18-92
  with stepfather Henry Blaney

John Slaven                Washinton Twp., Keokuk Co. (What Cheer)     42-53-6-21
  Fannie, Madge, Louise, Oscar, Paul, Jennie, Kelly, Alice

John F. Slavens            Cass Twp., Shelby Co.                       70-163-6-78
  Sarah F.(?), (?), Mary L., Jessie A., Henry E., Margaret M., Lottie M.

John J. Slavin             Kane Twp., Pottawattamie Co. (Council Bluffs) 64-141-20-28
  Maggie, Peter, Patrick, Louise, Kate, Michael J., Neal

John M. Slavin             Des Moines Twp., Polk Co. (Des Moines)      61-66-7-6
  Winifred, James C., Florence, John A., Frank, brother-in-law John Daly

Kate Slavin                Des Moines Twp., Polk Co. (Des Moines)      61-68-23-62
  with mother Mary Hartney

Lydia E. Slavens           Center Twp., Wapello Co. (Ottumwa)          77-127-11-73
  Etta H., daughter-in-law Vera L. Gaskill

Mary Slaven                Des Moines Twp., Boone Co. (Boone)          6-6-11-51
  with mother Bridget Casey

Mary Slavens               Walnut Twp., Wayne Co.                      80-154-4-31
  daughter Clara Mathers, son William Slavens, granddaughter Reva Mathers

Mary A. Slavin             Taylor Twp., Dubuque Co. (Farley)           25-127-1-77
  servant in Samuel Dutcher household

Mary E. Slavin             Des Moines Twp., Polk Co. (Des Moines)      61-68-23-63
  with grandmother Mary Hartney

Michael Slavin             Taylor Twp., Dubuque Co.                    25-127-14-59
  Ann, Bernard

Richard A. Slaven          Caldwell Twp., Appanoose Co.                3-13-2-92
  Lucy, Edith, Oddit(?)

Sarah Slavin               Des Moines Twp., Polk Co. (Des Moines)      61-68-23-65
  with grandmother Mary Hartney

Stuart Slavin              Stuart Twp., Guthrie Co. (Stuart)           30-61-9-2
  Annie, Mary, John, Fred, Ida, George, Eddie

Tymothy Slaven             Elkhorn Twp., Webster Co.                   81-173-6-11
  border in Andrew Struthers household

William Slaven             Des Moines Twp., Polk Co. (Des Moines)      62-85-16-44
  roomer in Paul J. Kraetsch household

William M. Slevin          Greenfield Twp., Warren Co.                 78-132-3-73
  border in John Mott household

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