Slaven(s) in Louisianna Census Transcriptions

1850 Shreveport, Caddo Parish, Louisiana p. 330/659

Calvin Slevin(?)        25          printer                North Carolina
R.A. VanHorn            20          printer                Florida
Nicholas Kelly          32          printer                Ireland
Henry Smallwood         14          printer                England
Albert Robinson         25          printer                South Carolina

1850 Parish of St. Bernard, Louisiana p. 316

Charles Slavin          50  black   farmer                 New Orleans
Pascal Slavin           49  mul.    carpenter              New Orleans
Pascal son Slavin       12? mul                            Parish of St. Bernard
Henry Slavin            45  mul.    laborer                Cincinatti (sic)

Enumerator's handwriting is difficult to read; it could be Ha-something instead of
Slavin but the "Sl" is very similar to the "St". "Color" is included for whatever 
benefit it may be to researchers.

1850 2nd Ward, New Orleans, Jefferson Parish, Louisana p. 142/283

Edward Slevin           39   baker                         Ireland
Ann Slevin              30                                 England
Mary A. Slevin          11                                 Mississippi
Elizabeth Slevin         8                                 Texas
Catherine Slevin         4                                 Texas

1860 2nd Ward, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisana p. 759

James Slevin            27   laborer                       Ireland

1860 6th Ward, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisana p. 6

James Wilson            31   tailor                        Ireland
Anna Slaven             24                                 Pennsylvania
Alice Wilson            13                                 Pennsylvania
James Wilson             9                                 New York
David Wilson            7m                                 Louisiana

1870 3rd Ward, New Orleans, Orleans Parish, Louisiana p. 54

Hun Slaven              30   cook, Sisters of Charity      England

1870 3rd Ward, Monroe, Ouachita Parish, Louisiana  p. 26

Barney Slaven           36   laborer                       Ireland
Jane Slaven             42   keeping house                 Ireland
Joseph Slaven            1                                 Louisiana

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