Slaven(s) in North Dakota Census Transcriptions

1920 Chalky Butte Township, North Dakota p. 1

Charles B. Slevin     head    28  S       Iowa          Ohio        Iowa         farming

1920 Svea Township, Barnes County, North Dakota p. 1

Frank Slavens         head    35  S       Austria       Germany     Germany      farmer
 (country spelled "Astralia" but is assumed to be Austria as language was German)

1920 City of Bismarck, Burleigh County, North Dakota p. 7

Samuel Slaven         head    25  M       Russia        Russia      Russia       buyer
Esther Slaven         wife    23? M       Russia        Russia      Russia       merchant, store
Harold Slaven         son   1 7/12        North Dakota  Russia      Russia
 (could be "Sloven")

1930 Ward I, City of Bismarck, Burleigh County, North Dakota p. 1

Jack Slaven           roomer  32  S       Romania(?)    Russia      Russia       merchant, men's furnishings

1930 1st Ward, City of Hatton, Traill County, North Dakota p. 6/568

Gilman(?) Slaven      lodger  23  S       North Dakota  North Dakota  Iowa       mechanic, department(?) store

1930 Willow Township, Griggs County, North Dakota p. 2/258

Martha Slavin         head    44  D  22   Minnesota     Norway      Norway       farmer
Eli Tufteland(?)      mother  82  Wd 30   Norway        Norway      Norway       retired
Elmer J. Kjormol      servant 30  M  28   Iowa          Norway      Norway       laborer, farm
Merie Kjormol         servant 21  M  18   Washington    U.S.        Minnesota    housekeeper, private family

1930 Village of Pillsbury, Ellsbury Township, Barnes County, North Dakota p. 1/115

Christ Slavin         lodger  23  S       North Dakota  Norway      Norway       railroad laborer
  living with dozens of other men at a railroad right-of-way bunkhouse

1930 Trinity Hospital, City of Jamestown, Stutsman County, North Dakota p. 5/146

Eleanor Slavin                20  S       Minnesota     Minnesota   Minnesota    student nurse

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