Slaven(s) in 1900 Virginia Soundex.

The following is a transcription of index cards bearing Slaven(s), Slavin(s), and similar surnames in the 1900 Federal Census Soundex for Virginia. The listing contains the head of household, township/precinct/district or city if listed, and county of residence, and the index number on the first line, and any additonal household members listed on the card on the second line. The format of the index number is volume-enumeration district-sheet-line. Index numbers do not correspond to a page number, but should help you locate the family fairly quickly in a listing or on microfilm. The condition of this film was so-so, especially along the top of the cards where the index number was, so there may be more transcription errors than usual.

Spelling is how the transcriber interpreted the card, and knowing how misspellings are common in census enumerations, take all spellings with a grain of salt.

Name                       Residence                                   Index No.

Charles H. Slaven 52       Blue Grass Dist., Highland County           27?-78?-18-56
  Carry E. 41, Jeremiah 10, Stuart C. 8, Caddie M. 3, mother-in-law Mary J.
  Arbogast 64, servants(?) Robert M. Jack and Andrew Mullenax, baby (daughter?)
  not named, HH jacob S> Slusser

Cora Slaven 22             Richmond                                    67-65-5-23
  boarder with Emma Samanni

Earnest M. Slaven 44       Monterey Dist., Highland County             27-79-13-17
  Mary L. 33, David C. 15, Nellis R. 13, Frank P. 10, Annie E. 11, John M. 7,
  Jessie A. 5, Earnest M. Jr. 2, Lacy J. 7/12

Elizabeth Slaven 0/12      Richmond                                    67-65-5-24
  boarder with Emma Samanni

Harry F. Slaven 39         Monterey Dist., Highland County             27-79-1-34
  Maud V. 36, Paul S. 14, Elsie L. 12, Bruce 10, Forest L. 6, John E. 4

Henry F. Slaven 33         Blue Grass Dist., Highland County           27-78-11-99
  Allie D. 28, Mary B. 10, Annie B. 9, Roy B. 8, Alma 7, John R. 5, Maude B. 3,
  Florence V. 1, Sallie 2/12

Howard H. Slaven 42        Blue Grass Dist., Highland County           27-78-11-59
  Nellie B. 35, Edna P. 16, Mary M. 14, father Stewart C. 75, boarder Walter Malone

James Slaven 40            Chistianburg Dist., Montgomery County       35-67-15?-32
  with brother-in-law John W. Lawrence

Jessie B. Slaven 73        Monterey Dist., Highland County             27-79-11-23
  with son-in-law Oscar J. Campbell

John Slavin 72             Chesapeake Dist., Elizabeth City County     16-8-5-95
  inmate at National Home for DVS

John Slavin 58             Chesapeake Dist., Elizabeth City County     16-8-1-58
  inmate at National Home for DVS

John Slaven 32             Newport News                                62-81-1-69
  boarder with Francis M. Duncan

Maggie Slavin 20           Lynchburg                                   61-81?-7-68
  with uncle Michael J. Day

Oscar Slaven 27            Richmond                                    67-65-5-22
  boarder with Emma Samanni

Sallie Slaven 50           Hardy Dist., Isle of Wight County           28-13-3-91
  daughter Clara Fulton 35, granddaughter Crawley R. Fulton 9/12

T.H. Slaven 70             Monterey Dist., Highland County             27-78-1-1
  Margaret C. 70, Edmonia S. 35, Howard M. 31, May V. 27, (dau) Pattie R.
  Peterson 24, son-in-law David H. Peterson 40, boarders Maggie Corbell and
  C.C. Arbogast, servant Lula Puffenberger

Thomas H. Slaven Jr. 34    Monterey, Highland County                   27-79-1-92
  Sula 31

Will Slavin 22             Cypress Dist., Nansemond County             36-24-15-6
  Lydia 25

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