Slaven Cousins DNA Registry.

A Listing of Slaven(s), Slavin, Slevin, etc. Descendants Who Have Taken An Autosomal DNA Test.

The original Slaven DNA Project is a Y-DNA testing project, which only identifies a man's direct-line male ancestry by looking only at the donor's Y-chromosome. When the project was established in 2002, the Y-DNA test was THE genealogical DNA test. Since that time autosomal DNA testing-- which tests portions of all 23 pairs of chromosomes, which comes from both parents, all four grandparents, etc.-- has come into its own.

Autosomal DNA tests can be valuable in identifying distant cousin, suspected family connections, and the like. And best of all, they're not limited to direct male-line ancestry-- so if your great-grandmother was a Slavin but you don't know her parents or siblings, an autosomal test may help you identify potential family lines. Here's some general info on autosomal testing.

People who have taken an autosomal DNA test from one of the three major testing companies (Family Tree DNA, Ancestry, or 23andMe) and are interested in making connections with their "cousins" are listed below. About the fields in the table:

If you have had an autosomal DNA test and would like to be added to the project, please email me with the information. Name and email address are optional but encouraged, so that relatives may contact you, and of course, if you haven't uploaded your results to GEDmatch, you won't have an ID. I encourage everyone to share their results on GEDmatch, so that relatives who tested with a different company can compare results with you. GEDmatch also has other tools not available from the testing companies.

Name or handle Testing
Geordy Stein FTDNA YL8639832 Gggps Edward Slavin and Maria Callaghan or Bridget Cahill (different names on son's marriage and death certificates); ggps, Francis Slavin, b. ca. 1847, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, d. 1906, Rookwood Asylum, Lidcombe, New South Wales, Australia, and Elizabeth England, b. 1851, Wellington, NSW, d. 1925, Wellington, NSW; grandparents Arthur Slavin, b. 1879, Bakers Swamp, NSW, d. 1955, Wellington, NSW, and Lucy May Grimes, b. 1898, Wellington, NSW, d. 1977, Wellington, NSW.
Jenny Scammell Ancestry (also uploaded to FTDNA & MyHeritage) A550127 Ggggm Mary Slevin, married Patrick Rodgers from Blaris, County Antrim, Ireland, at the Catholic Chapel in Gosport, Hampshire, England in 1834; gggf Edward migrated to South Australia in the early 1870’s.
John Slaven Ancestry JC3998778 ggggparents Richard Harve Slaven and Susanna Mabel Mounts, gggparents Absalom Slaven and Elizabeth J Woods, ggparents James A Slaven and Emily C. Williams, gparents Glen Wood Slaven and Clara Jane Johnson.
Diana Wilson Ancestry   ggggparents William B Slavens b. 1818 Tennesee, d. 1883 Missouri and Rhoda (last name unknown); gggparents Daniel Fletcher Slavens b. 1841 Missouri d. 1905 Missouri and Sarah (Garner) Strange; ggparents Daniel Fletcher Strange b. 1872 Missouri d. 1950 Missouri and Carrie Richardson; gparents Marie Strange b. 1915 Missouri d. 1994 Missouri and Elmer Hicks. Note that Y-DNA testing has shown that William B. Slavens or Daniel Flecther Slavens may have a non-Slavens father as the DNA does not match the descendants of John Slaven of Highland County, Virginia, the patriarch of the main Slavens family line.
Joan Volandt Ancestry BD8424630 Edward Slevin and Mary McGee; son Edward, known to family as Edward Joseph McGee, b. 1873, emigrated to America in 1911.
Rachel Rogers Ancestry XA9112036 Edward Slevin and Mary McGee; son Edward, known to family as Edward Joseph McGee, b. 1873, emigrated to America in 1911.
Thomas Sexton Ancestry A090452 2nd great-grandparents, Michael Slaven, b. 1800 Ireland d. 1890 Omaha, Nebraska, and Rosanna McElroy, b. 1813 Ireland d. 1887 Omaha; great-grandparents Catherine Slaven b. 1843 Rhode Island d. 27 Nov 1879 Dubuque, Iowa, and John Sexton, b. 1828 Ireland d. 1883 Dubuque.
Tom Sexton Ancestry BR088798C1 3rd great-grandparents, Michael Slaven, b. 1800 Ireland d. 1890 Omaha, Nebraska, and Rosanna McElroy, b. 1813 Ireland d. 1887 Omaha; 2nd great-grandparents Catherine Slaven b. 1843 Rhode Island d. 27 Nov 1879 Dubuque, Iowa, and John Sexton, b. 1828 Ireland d. 1883 Dubuque.
Kirsten Smith FTDNA   John Sleavin born County Tyrone or Donegal, Northern Ireland, 1827, emigrated to Canada in the late 1840s, died 1859/60 in New Brunswick; John (James) Sleavin b. 1859 New Brunswick, moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota, 1870; John Timon Sleavin b. 1884 d. 1893; John J. Sleavin b. 1921.
RMStyle87 Ancestry   (5G-gp) John Slavin, b. ca. 1723 County Tyrone, Ireland d. 1802 Highland Co., VA, and Elizabeth Stuart, b. ca. 1726 Scotland d. 1795 Highland Co., VA; (4G-gp) John Slaven(s), b. 1760 Augusta Co., Virginia d. 1839 Pocahontas Co., VA and Elizabeth Warwick, b. ca 1761 Augusta Co., VA d. ca 1836 Pocahontas Co, VA; (3G-gp) Jacob Gillespie Slaven, b. 1804, Bath Co., VA d. 1853, Pocahontas Co., VA and Eleanor Lockridge, b. 1807, Huntersville, VA. d. 1887, Weston, Lewis Co., WV; (2G-gp) Winfield Taylor Slaven, b. 1847 Huntersville, Pocahontas Co., VA d. 1902 Mill Point, Pocahontas Co., WV and Nancy Priscilla Ruckman, b. 1859 Mill Point, Pocahontas Co., WV d. 1930 Mill Point, Pocahontas Co., WV; (Ggp) Jacob Vinton Slaven, b. 1876 Mill Point, Pocahontas Co., WV d. 1958 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX and Mary Ethel Sharp, b. 1885 Mill Point, Pocahontas Co., WV d. 1960 Dallas, TX; (GP) Charles Vinton Slaven, b. Mill Point, Pocahontas Co., WV d. 2001 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX and Helen Kosarek, b. 1916 Falls City, Karnes Co., TX d. 2011 San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.
Margaret Green Ancestry A418536 GM Margaret Mary Slevin, b. 1883 Goladoo, Lough Eske, Donegal, Ireland; GGP Edward Slevin, b. 1844 in Goladoo, d. 1920 Glasgow, Scotland, and Susan Dunnion, b. 1848 in Killygordon, Donegal, d. 1935 in Glasgow.
Jennifer Cuthbert 23andMe M143452 GM Norah (Slavin) Cuthbert, b. 1890 Glasgow, Scotland; GGP Peter Slavin, b. ca. 1863 County Donegal, Ireland, d. 1907, and Agnes (Prentice) Slavin; GGGP Peter and Mary (Ward) Slavin/Slevin.
KS Ancestry A296786 GGGGF Edward Slavin; GGGF Patrick Slavin (1837-1913) immigrated 1864 from Donegal, Ireland, to Mt. Pleasant, NY, with his wife Ann Tinney and two children, then moved to San Antonio, TX before 1894 with their 8 surviving children; GGF Patrick F. Slavin (1872 NY 1946 TX); GF Albert Patrick Slavin (1905-1973)
Pat Sperano Ancestry A423058 Bernard Slavin(3g) b. ca. 1830, County Donegal, Ireland; Tully Francis Slavin (2g) b. 1862 Louisville, KY; James Albert Slavin (1g) b. 1916 Yonkers, NY.
Andrew Slaven Ancestry A009049 2nd ggf Patrick Slaven b. ca. 1848 Donegal, Ireland, d. 1884 Pollokshaws, Scotland; ggf James Slaven b. 1872 Pollokshaws, Scotland, d. 1920 Crossford, Lanarkshire, Scotland; gf James Slaven b. 1898 Newton, Cambuslang, Scotland, d. 1978 Gosport, Hampshire, England.
John Slavin FTDNA T648692 ggf Edward Slavin and Mary (unknown), Ireland; gf George Slavin, b. ca. 1861 County Donegal, Ireland, arrived New South Wales, Australia, March 1884, d. 1930 Lidcombe NSW, and married Annie Kelly 1887 Wallsend, NSW; f George Slavin b. 1892 Minmi, NSW, d. 1977 Sydney, NSW, married Selina O’Sullivan 1918 Sydney, NSW
Ray Slavens Ancestry, FTDNA   Generation 1: John Slaven (1723-1802) and Elizabeth Stuart; G2: Isaiah Slavens (1762-1843) and Martha Stuart; G3: Thomas Slavens (1792-1875) and Lucy Perks; G4: William Fletcher Slavens (1832-1861) and Frances Ann McCoy; G5: Thomas Jefferson Slavens (1857-1929) and Livvia Jackson Elsberry; G6: Edwin Drake Slavens (1897-1948) and Georgia Peak.
Joann Slavens Ancestry   ggggggp John Slaven b. ca. 1723 County Tyrone, (Northern) Ireland d. 1802 Highland County, Virginia, and Elizabeth Stuart, b. ca. 1726 Scotland d. 1795 Highland County, VA; ggggp Henry Slavens b. 1763 Augusta County, Virginia d. 1839 Pike County, Ohio, and Elizabeth Houchins, b. 1768 Goochland County, Virginia d. 1850 Iredell County, North Carolina; ggggp James Slavens b. 1798 Bath County, Virginia d. 1855 Lake County, Illinois and Elizabeth Snedecor, b. 1807 Scioto County, Ohio d. 1872 Lawrence County, Ohio; gggp Daniel Slavens, b. 1829 Scioto County, OH d. 1890 Carter County, Kentucky and Delilah Conklin, b. ca. 1832 Scioto County, OH d. ca. 1871 Scioto County, OH; ggp Henry Slavens, b. 1855 Scioto County, OH d. 1929 Bay County, Michigan and Lottie Justics, b. 1862 Greenup County, Kentucky d. 1950 Saginaw County, Michigan; gp Herbert Owen Slavens, b. 1906 Bay County, MI d. 1935 Bay County, MI and Mary Picha, b. 1907 Leelanau County, Michigan d. 1999 Osceola County, Michigan.
brian_slaven Ancestry   gggg-grandparents Richard Harve Slavey/Slaven b. ca. 1775, d. 1833 Scott County, Tennessee and Susanna Mounts, b. 1779 Garrard Co. Kentucky d. 1830 Scott County, TN; ggg-grandparents Elisha Slaven, b. 1817 Wayne Co., Kentucky d. Scott County, TN and Mary Sweet, b. 1827 Wayne Co., KY d. 1898 Scott County, TN; gg-grandparents Andrew Slaven, b. 1849 Scott Co., TN, d. 1910 Scott Co., TN and Relda Hill, b. 1855 Scott Co., TN, d. Scott Co., TN; great-grandparents Wolford Slaven, b. 1879 Scott Co., TN, d. 1954 Poweshiek Co., Iowa and Flora Smith, b. 1890 Wayne Co., KY, d. 1982 Poweshiek Co., IA.
Larry Slavens FTDNA T184298 John Slaven (gggggf) b. ca. 1723 County Tyrone, (Northern) Ireland; Isaiah Slavens (ggggf) b. 1762 Augusta Co. VA; James Slavens (gggf) b. ca. 1807 Montgomery Co. KY; William Slavens (ggf) b. ca. 1847 Hendricks Co. IN.
Larry Slavens 23andMe M175046 See Larry Slavens above.
Larry Slavens Ancestry A473194 See Larry Slavens above.
Mary Slavin Ancestry A818773 John Slevin (2nd ggrandfather) d.1880, Dromore, County Tyrone, Ireland (known as "John The Latiner"); Michael Slevin (ggrandfather) b. 1839 Polfore, Dromore, Tyrone d. 1892 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA; Michael James Slevin (grandfather) b. 1878 Kildrum, Dromore, Tyrone d. 1946 Lowell, Massachusetts, USA
MDS Ancestry A093898 See Mary Slavin above.
PGS Ancestry A570468 See Mary Slavin above.
PNS Ancestry A377522 See Mary Slavin above.
T.B.S. Ancestry A538039 See Mary Slavin above.
VJS Ancestry A949351 See Mary Slavin above.
V.A.B. Ancestry A445225 See Mary Slavin above.
JRB Ancestry A836762 See Mary Slavin above.
JP Ancestry A824866 See Mary Slavin above.
Christine McAllen 23andMe M643433 Patrick Slevin (6g) b. ca.1715 Mullingar, County Westmeath, Ireland; Patrick Slevin and Mary Moran (5g); Patrick Slevin and Esther Scally (4g). John Cusack and Anna Slevin (3g), emigrated in the late 1830s to Sullivan Twp, Grey County, Ontario, then to Michigan in early 1850s; John McAllen and Mary Ann Cusack (2g).
Christine McAllen Ancestry   See Christine McAllen above.
Christine McAllen FTDNA   See Christine McAllen above.
John McAllen Ancestry A697780 See Christine McAllen above.
John McAllen Boyle Ancestry A682115 See Christine McAllen above.
Theresa Liewer Ancestry A531135 Patrick Slevin - 3rd ggf, b Ireland abt 1808, m Mary Bulger Ottawa, Canada 1832, d 1872 Lemont, Cook Co., IL; Mary Slevin, 2nd ggm b 1835 Ottawa Canada, m Phillip Barrett, d. 1899, Chapman, KS; Ellen Barrett, 1st ggm, b 1855 DuPage Co, Il, m Wm Miller, d 1943, Chapman, KS; Nell B Miller, gm, b 1885 Dickinson Co, KS, m Wm McCormick, d. 1937, Dickinson Co, KS
Theresa Liewer FTDNA   See Theresa Liewer above.
MMcG FTDNA T946783 See Theresa Liewer above.
Nancy Emerson Ancestry A290269 See Theresa Liewer above.
MJG FTDA T149579 3ggf John Slaven b. ca. 1790 d. ca. 1850, County Tipperary, Ireland, and Sarah Elizabeth (Fieghery) Slaven; 2ggf Michael Slaven/Slavin, b. 1816, Roscrea, County Tipperary, Ireland, d. 1883 in Nimmitibel, New South Wales, Australia, and Margaret (Kearney) Slavin.
kslavings1 Ancestry A863523 3ggf John Slavens, b. ca. 1795 Tennessee d. 1836 Schuyler Co., IL and Elizabeth Ingram, b. 1797 Tennessee d. 1862 Saline Co., IL; 2ggf Abner Calvin Slavens, b. 1827 Tennessee d. 1900 Saline Co. IL, and Mary Hudson, b. 1828 Tennessee d. 1900 Saline Co. IL; ggf Timothy Slavens b. ca. 1861 Saline Co. IL d. b. 1899 Pemiscot Co., MO, and Matilda Teror b. 1869 b. Pemiscot Co., MO d. 1956 Pemiscot Co., MO; gf James Slavings b. 1897 Pemiscot Co., MO, and Ethel Baird b. 1903 Pemiscot Co., MO. Y-DNA indicates the line is likely descended from John Slaven of County Tyrone/Highland Co. VA, probably through son William.
Sherrie Harrison Ancestry A411186 4ggf Barnard (aka Brian, Bryan, Barnabus Sr) Sleven/Slavin/Slaven b. 1759 Antrim, Ireland, d. 1810 Poland OH; 3ggf George Slaven b. 1798 PA d. 1859 Mahoning Co. OH; 2ggf Joseph Slaven b. 1843 OH d. 1930 Santa Cruz, CA,1ggf John B Slaven b. 1871 MO d. 1907 Douglas AZ; gf Joseph C. Slaven b. 1897 Teller, CO d. 1982 Los Angeles Co., CA.
Sarah Craig Ancestry A001823 Grandmother Sarah Slaven, born Rothesay, Bute, Scotland 1898 (Watergate Street), died 1965 Greenock; her parents: Patrick/Peter b. 1879 (Edinburgh) d. 1952 (Greenock) and Mary Williamson Reid b. 1863 (Campbeltown) d.1930 (Paisley). Patrick/Peter's parents: Patrick b. abt. 1839 Ireland and Sarah Roddie/Roday b. 1850 (Glasgow) d. 1881 (Edinburgh). Patrick's parents: Patrick Slaven/Slevin abt 1810 Ireland d. ? and Mary Gallagher/Gallacher b. Ireland d. 1882 (Edinburgh). Based on quite a few DNA matches, it is possible that William (Gulielmi) Slevin 1777 (Ireland, possibly Westmeath) and Hanna Nichols are the parents of this last Patrick (they married 28 Nov 1815, Longford, Ireland).
Mary Lonergan Ancestry A772212 2nd ggf William Slevin b. ca. 1820, d. 1880, Bleakfield (aka Blakefield), Aghnameadle, County Tipperary, Ireland; ggf James Slevin and Bridget Kennedy, Bleakfield; gm Kathleen Slevin
Padraic Slevin Ancestry A864880 4th ggf Hugie Slevin, Ireland; 3rd ggf Matty Slevin, Ireland; 2nd ggf Hugh Slevin, Ireland; 1st ggf Mathew Slevin b. 1866 probably County Westmeath, Ireland; gf Mathew Slevin b. 1900 d.1995, County Westmeath.
Delpha Slavens FamilyTreeDNA ggggp John Slaven b. ca. 1723 County Tyrone, (Northern) Ireland d. 1802 Highland County, VA, and Elizabeth Stuart; gggp Henry Slavens b. 1763 Augusta Coounty, VA, d. 1839 Pike County, OH, and Elizabeth Houchin; ggp Stewart Slavens b. 1814 Pike County, OH, d. 1870 Camden County, MO, and Dicy Ann Womack; gp Jed (aka Jeddar) Slavens b. 1865 Camden County, MO, d. 1934 Greene Co., MO and Myrthe Brown.

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