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Slaven DNA Project

Welcome to the Slaven DNA Project, a Y-chromosome study for direct-line male descendants of families with surnames such as Slaven, Slavin, Slevin, Slavey, and other variations. For the sake of brevity, unless referring to a specific person, "Slaven" will refer to all variations of our surname throughout this page.

The study should help answer questions that genealogists have wondered about for years, such as:
  • Which family lines are related? Which researchers should be collaborating because their lines have a common ancestor?
  • How many entirely distinct family lines exist?
  • Can connections be made between the families still in the U.K. or Eastern Europe and those who emigrated to America, Australia, and elsewhere?
  • What's all this about descent from an ancient Irish high king?
  • Will some Slaven lines connect to other surname groups because of adoptions, common ancestry before surnames were adopted, other reasons?

The Project has already had success in linking family lines. See the results and the extended results pages for more information.

The Slaven DNA Project uses FamilyTreeDNA for Y-DNA testing to answer the questions above. (A Slavin Project was also established at Relative Genetics; they were purchased by Ancestry; they no longer sell Y-DNA tests. FTDNA purchased another testing company used by our project, DNA Heritage.)

Markers on the Y-chromosome are analyzed and compared to determine the likelihood the participants share a common ancestor. See the Frequently Answered Questions page for general questions about surname studies and links to further information. Or email me with your questions.

In addition, here's a blog post that a does good job at explaining why, when you look at your results at FTDNA, you're going to see matches with men with other surnames.


To participate in the study, contact me. You will need to use a special link when ordering your kit from FTDNA so that you receive the project discount (~$20 less than regular price) and for your results to be included in our project.

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