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Latest photos contributed to Slavens.net.

The Slavin Parish church, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland.
Andy Slaven shared some photos of this historic church, taken in 2019. Thanks, Andy!

Older photos.

Garnet Slaven. Sue Thomas has contributed a couple photos of Garnet Cosby Slaven of Oak Hill, West Virginia. The link at the start of this item shows Garnet with the first basketball team from Oak Hill, West Virginia, and here he is pictured at age 20 in his World War I uniform. In his later life, Garnet was a teacher for many years, at Oak Hill and at West Virginia Tech, and a civil engineer.

Patrick D. Slaven.
Sue also shared a photo of Garnet's son, Patrick Slaven. He was born and raised in Oak Hill, WV, and as an adult was a civil engineer. Thanks to Sure for sharing these family photos!

John Oscar Slaven.
Jean Bell shares this photo of John Oscar Slaven in his gun shop in Hutchinson, Kansas, in the early 1930's. John was the son of Samuel Slavens of Pike County, Ohio, one of the infamous "Andrews' Raiders" who was hung by the Confederates in 1862. For some reason, John left his family in Iowa, changed his name to Smith, and opened a gun shop in Kansas. John was murdered in his shop by a young customer. Many thanks to Jean for sharing the photo.

Slavens homestead, Pike County, Ohio.
Carol Slavens and husband Bill visited an old Slavens homestead recently, that of Reuben Slavens in rural Pike County, Ohio. By chance, Carol happened to meet the current owner of the property, who invited her to visit. They visited the Slavens Cemetery, located on the property, took photographs of the farmstead, and of a family Bible and of some old family photos. Many thanks to Carol for sharing the photos!

Original Reuben Slavens house.
Carol took a picture of this 1965 photograph of the original home, which has been torn down. Note the child on the front steps near the middle of the porch.

Front steps, original Reuben Slavens house.
Bill and Carol Slavens stand on the front steps, all that remains of the home pictured above.

Farm buildings, Slavens farm.
Newer farm buildings at the former Reuben Slavens farm.

Harriet Slavens.
Harriet (Slavens) Thomas, daughter of Reuben and Harriet (Rader) Slavens, in August 1964.

Clarissa Slavens.
Clarissa (Slavens) Leist, daughter of Reuben and Harriet (Rader) Slavens, in an undated photo.

Clarissa Slavens.
Clarissa (Slavens) Leist.

John "Jack" Slavin.
Jim Slavin has shared some photos from his family line. John Slavin, born in 1839 in Cumberland, England, posed for this portrait around the turn of the century in Pennsylvania. Thanks to Jim for sharing the photos!

A family outing.
In this photo ca. 1911, Jack Slavin relaxes on an outing with son Frank, daughter-in-law Margaret (Entler), and grandchildren Russell, Kenneth, and Francis "Spike" Slavin. Thanks to Jim for sharing.

Elizabeth Slavin Sheridan.
Jim also shared this photo of Jack Slavin's sister Isabella Elizabeth Slavin, who was also born in England and came to Pennsylvania in 1865. Shge married James Sheridan in Barclay, Pennsylvania, in 1873. Thanks to Jim for sharing the photos!

William and Adeline Slavens family reunion, 1915.
You could definitely call this an extended family portrait. In 1915 this group gathered-- William and Adeline Slavens, who had moved to the Waukee, Iowa, area in 1914, some of their children and grandchildren, and "shirt-tail" relatives of Adeline's. Thanks to Luke Slavens for sharing the photo, the only one I've seen of William and Adeline, my great-grandparents!

Tide, Marie, Guy, and Ila Slavens.
Luke Slavens also shared other photos from his branch of the family. While the photo wasn't labeled, it's believed that pictured are Tide and Ella Mae "Marie" (Pearson) Slavens and their two oldest children, Guy and Ila, circa 1917.

Roy and Donald Slavens?
Another unidentified photo from Luke Slavens. There was only a 2 1/2 year age difference between Tide and Marie Slavens's oldest children, so this may be their two younger children, Roy and Donald, who were born in 1920 and 1924 respectively. If anyone can confirm or refute the identification of these two photos, please email me! Thanks to Luke for the photos.

Roy Slavens.
Roy Slavens, son of Tide and Marie Slavens. This is most likely his senior photo, which would have been taken in the fall of 1937. Thanks to Luke Slavens for the photo.

Jesse Slavens, 1865.
Jesse Slavens, a son of James and Nancy (Davis) Slavens of Hendricks County, Indiana, poses in his Civil War uniform for a portrait that was almsot certainly taken in the summer of 1865. The photo is backstamped by a photographer in Little Rock, Arkansas; Jesse was mustered out of the 10th Iowa Infantry in Little Rock on August 15, 1865. Thanks to Mark Warren for sharing the photo.

H.C. Slaven and family.
Henry C. Slaven celebrated his 75th birthday on July 3, 1917 with a family gathering in Shelby County, Iowa. Only Henry, near the center in the front row, was identified-- can you identify any of the others? Henry is believed to be a grandson of Henry and Elizabeth (Houchin) Slaven, and we're trying to establish his father with some certainty-- was he also a Henry?Thanks to Nick Williams for sharing the photo!

Reuben and Alber Lina (Nelson) Slavens.
Donna Conner shares the wedding photo of her great-grandparents, Reuben Oliver and Alber Lina (Nelson) Slavens, who were married September 6, 1897, in Coffey, Kansas. He was a son of Thomas J. and Lucinda (Vermillion) Slavens, born in Putnam County, Indiana in 1866. Thanks to Donna for the photo.

Reuben Oliver and Alber Slavens.
Donna also shared this later photo of her great-grandparents. Oliver and Alber lived in the Centropolis, Kansas area for many years; this photo was probably taken in the 1930's. They are buried in the Evergreen Mound Cemetery near Ottawa in Franklin County, Kansas.

Thomas Jefferson Slavens.
Donna Conner also shared this undated photo of Reuben Oliver's father, Thomas J. Slavens. He was a son of Reuben and Elizabeth (Pherr) Slavens, born in 1814 in Montgomery County, Kentucky, moving with his family to Indiana in the late 1820's. Thomas moved his family to Kansas via covered wagon in the 1870's; he lived a long life, passing away in 1900. Thanks to Donna for sharing these photos.

Dick McGrane and Lawrence Slevin.
Lawrence Slevin of Cloghan, King's County, Ireland poses with Dick McGrane after their release from Tullamore prison ca. 1884-5. A newspaper clipping on an earlier arrest appears on our website and more will follow. Lawrence was active with the Land League and later movements during this turbulent time of Irish history. More information on Lawrence can be found with the photo by following the link above. Many thanks to Lawrence's granddaughter Catherince Payne for sharing the information and photo!

Queen Slavens, 1884.
Jim Guthrie shares a scan of a childhood portrait of Queen, a daughter of William H. and Mary Slavens of Woodson County, Kansas. The link to a later photo of Queen and her sister Jessie can be found elsewhere on this page. Thanks for the photo!

William Cochran family, 1909.
The William Cochran family poses for a photo in 1909, likely at their home in central Michigan. William was another son of Martha (Slaven) Cochran, who is pictured in a couple photos below. He and wife Temperance pose with their two oldest sons, Earl Francis (Frank) and Clarence. Thanks to Dawn Cochran Kerwin for the photo!

William and Temperance Cochran.
Dawn Kerwin shared another photo of William and Temperance Cochran, this one taken around 1940 at their home near Shepherd, Michigan. Thanks!

James and Rachael (Brown) Slaven family.
The twelve children of James and Rachael (Brown) Slaven gathered for a group photo at the time of their mother's death in April 1944. James and Rachael, as well as their children, were born in Scotland and came to America in the late 1880s. The family lived in and around Staten Island, New York. Thanks to Bill Slaven for sharing the photo!

Jack and Mary (Ingleson) Slavin.
I picked up this photo on Ebay of a couple who married in Iowa in 1905 and moved to California. Do you know more about this family?

Martha (Slaven) Cochran and son Fred Cochran.
Maureen (Cochran) Place shared some photos of her family. This photo shows her grandmother, Martha (Slaven) Cochran, and father Fred Cochran in the World War I time period at their home in St. Louis, Michigan. Martha a daughter of William and Nancy (Cline) Slaven, was born in Jackson County, (West) Virginia in July 1855, and married Winfield Scott Cochran in Ravenswood, West Virginia. Fred, their youngest child, was born in Michigan in 1894.

Martha (Slaven) Cochran and son Claude Cochran.
Martha Cochran with another of her sons, Claude, at home in St. Louis, Michigan. Thanks to Maureen Place for the photo.

Nina (Cochran) Harding.
Nina was a sister of Fred and Claude Cochran. The photo was taken in 1970 with Fred at Nina's home in Greenville, Michigan. Nina, born in Ravenswood in October 1881, lived to be 103. Thanks to Maureen Place for the photo.

Mary (McClure) Slavens.
Mary was the wife of Charles Slavens, who were pioneer residents of Pike County, Ohio, and the mother of Medal of Honor winner Samuel Slavens. Thanks to John Caster for the photo!

James and Sofia Slevin.
Motion picture pioneer James Slevin and his wife Sofia in a portrait ca. 1916. Slevin was a playwright and author, but is probably best remembered today for his pioneering motion pictures of European and Vatican leaders made just before World War I. James was a son of Owen and Mary Slevin of California; a brief obituary for Mary appears on this site. Keith Garvin, who shared the photo of his grand-uncle and aunt, is seeking more information on the Slevin family. Can you help? Thanks to Keith for sharing the photo!

Thomas and Lucinda (Slavens) Edwards.
Linda Trammell is sharing this photo of her gggrandparents, Thomas and Lucinda (Slavens) Edwards. They were married in McLennan County, Texas, in 1856. Linda is looking for Lucinda's parents; some think it may be one of the families who had been living in Sevier County, Arkansas, during the 1840's (John or Robert Slaven). Who can help out? Thanks to Linda and to Mark Bowlby for sharing the photo.

Slaven family, McCreary County, Kentucky.
Sharon Meadows shares this photo of her husband's great-grandfather, John Alvis Slaven, his grandmother Florence Slaven, and her siblings, taken near Whitley City, McCreary County, Kentucky, in 1936. Pictured are siblings Quincy, Mitchell, Luther, Ora, Letha, Charles William, and Florence Slaven, and their father John Alvin Slaven. Thanks to the Meadows for sharing!

Charles Slavens.
Charles Slavens was a son of Reuben and Sally (Kinnison) Slavens, and a pioneer resident of Pike County, Ohio. He was also the father of Andrews Raider Samuel Slavens. Thanks to John Caster for the photo!

Elizabeth Slavens Peters and daughters.
Elizabeth Slavens Peters and her daughters are pictured in a portrait sometime around 1890. Elizabeth was a daughter of Charles and Margaret (McClure) Slavens, and a sister of Andrews Raider Samuel Slavens. Elizabeth, center, wears a broach with a photo of her late husband Clinton Peters, who was killed at Resaca, Georgia, during the Civil War. Another of Elizabeth's brothers, Reuben, found and buried Peters' body. He also sent back Clinton's pocketknife, which is still in the family. Harriet Peters Johnson is the daughter in the lower right. Thanks to John Caster for the photo.

Capt. Edward Slevin
Capt. Edward Slevin of New York City's 12 precinct is pictured in an 1888 tobacco card. From the collections of the National Law Enforcement Museum, Washington, DC. Used with permission. Visit their website for more information on the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund and on the Law Enforcement Museum, which is slated to break ground in 2007.

Jed Owen and Myrthe Slavens.
Jed Owen Slavens was a son of Stewart of Dicy Slavens, born in Missouri about 1865. He is a descendant of John and Elizabeth Slavin of Highland County through the Henry of Ohio branch. He is pictured with wife Myrthe (Brown). Thanks to Delpha Slavens for these family photos!

Willis, Arthur, and Jed Slavens.
Brothers Willis (left) and Jed Owen Slavens (right) are pictured with Jed's son Arthur (center) around 1913-18. Thanks to Delpha Slavens for the photo.

Sons of Jed and Myrthe Slavens.Six sons of Jed Owen Slavens gather for a photo in the 1950's. They are George, Noah, Riley, Homer, Jesse, and Arthur. Thanks to Delpha Slavens for the photo.

Thomas Jefferson Slavens family.
The family of Thomas Jefferson and Livvia (Elsberry) Slavens, probably taken in the mid 1930's in Audrain County, Missouri. Pictured are Eddie D., Estlyn Pearl, Alma Plante, Walter Slavens, Darline Slavens, Donia (Slavens) Pearl, Fletcher Slavens, Erma (Peak) Slavens, Sallie (Slavens) Plante, Edwin Drake Slavens, John Plante, Everett Pearl, and Anna Slavens. Thanks to Ray Slavens for the photo!

Pond building in the Depression.Sons of Thomas Jefferson Slavens and other family members building a pond in Audrain County, Missouri during the Depression. Here's another photo. Thanks to Ray Slavens for the photos!

Mattie Slavens Noel and Fanny Noel Arnold.
Mattie Slavens Noel was a daughter of William Fletcher Slavens and Frances Ann McCoy, and a sister of Thomas Jefferson Slavens and Lucy Slavens Elsberry Britton of Audrain County, Missouri. She is pictured with her daughter Fanny Noel Arnold at her home in the wilds of Washington County, Missouri, near Richwoods. Thanks to Ray Slavens for the photo!

Roy and Mabel Slaven property, near Monterey, Virginia.
Kathy Steffey shares this photo of the property formerly owned by her grandparents, Roy and Mabel (Wimer) Slaven, in Highland County, Virginia. The home, in the distance, was built by the current owners to replace the Slaven's house.

Elias Slaven family.
Four generations of the Elias "Shack" and Sealy Milligan Slaven family gathered for this photo in late 1916 or early 1917. Family members include William Raleigh Slaven, his wife Nannie Davidson Slaven, and their children. Thanks for Brad Morlan for sharing the photo.

Reuben and Keziah Slavens
Reuben Slavens of Putnam County, Indiana, son of Isaiah Slavens. Written on the back of the photo is "Queen Slavens' great grandpa and grandma Slavens. Reuben Slavens born Oct. 12, 1786, died in 1870. This must have been the stepmother of my grandpa Slavens." The photo is an early cabinet card, which along with Reuben's death (in 1872) would date this photo to the late 1860's or early 1870's. Reuben and Keziah Hinton were married in 1849-- perhaps the photo was in honor of their 20th wedding anniversary? Many thanks to James Guthrie for sharing the photo!

Queen and Jessie Slavens
Queen and Jessie Slavens were the daughters of William H. and Mary Slavens, who lived in Woodson County, Kansas, for many years. Jessie is profiled in the Bios section. Thanks to James Guthrie for the photo.

"Penny Lane" barber shop
John Slavin of Glasgow sent this clipping from The Daily Record of Glasgow. His father Tony was reading a story about an auction of Beatles memorabilia at Sotheby's when he was surprised to see his name-- another Tony Slavin owned the Liverpool barbershop that figures prominently in the lyrics of "Penny Lane"!

"In Penny Lane there is a barber showing photographs
Of every head he's had the pleasure to know
And all the people that come and go
Stop and say hello..."

Thomas J. Slaven.
Thomas J. "Jeff" Slavens of Audrain County, Missouri, was a son of William Fletcher Slavens, grandson of Thomas M. Slavens, in a photo taken circa 1879. Thanks to Ray Slavens for sharing the photo.

Livvia Slavens.
Livvia Jackson Elsberry Slavens, pictured circa 1879, was the wife of Jeff Slavens. Thanks to Ray Slavens for sharing.

Edwin and Georgia Slavens.
Ed and Georgia (Peake) Slavens were residents of Audrain County, Missouri. Ed was a son of T.J. "Jeff" and Livvia Slavens. Thanks to Ray Slavens for the photo.

John O. Slaven(s).
John Oscar Slaven was a son of Samuel Slavens. John had an interesting life; in the early 1900s he left his family in Iowa and lived the rest of his life in Kansas under the name John O. Smith. Somehwere along the line the family dropped the second "s" on the surname which is prevalent in this branch of the family. More on John Oscar Slaven(s) Smith can be found on the Miscellaneous page. Thanks to Jean Bell for the photo.

Fannie Slaven(s) family.
Fannie Taylor Slaven, John O. Slaven's wife, and most of his children are pictured here in a family gathering for daughter Madge Slaven King's 50th wedding anniversary. They are, seated from left, Paul Slaven, Madge Slaven King, and their mother Fannie Slaven; standing, Kathryn "Kit" Slaven Whiteaker, Alice Slaven Gronemeyer, Herman King, and Jennie Slaven Livezey. Thanks to Jean Bell for sharing.

Samuel Slavens.
Famous "Andrews' Raider" Samuel Slavens of Ohio is pictured in his Civil War uniform. More information on Samuel and the "great locomotive chase" can be found on the Military, Bookshelf, and Miscellaneous pages of this website. Thanks to Jean Bell for the photo.

Emily Slaven.
Emily (Williams) Slaven and another couple, on the banks of the Wabash River in Indiana. Emily was the wife of James A. Slaven of Scott County, Tennessee; they later settled in Glen Elder, Mitchell County, Kansas. While the couple is unidentified, I wonder if it might be Jefferson and Barzilla Slaven. Jeff was one of James's brothers (sons of Absalom and Betty Woods Slaven) and settled in western Indiana, so a visit to the banks of the Wabash would be a possibility. What do you think? (Jeff and Barzilla's photo is farther down this page.) Thanks to Sheri Vigil for the photo.

Emily Slaven.
Emily (Williams) Slaven, in a portrait taken circa 1902. Thanks to Sheri Vigil for the sharing photo.

Jessie (Slaven) and William Davis.
Jessie Slaven, daughter of James and Emily Slaven, and husband William Davis in what's likely an engagement or wedding photo. The couple lived in Glen Elder, Kansas. Thanks to Sheri Vigil.

Steward Slaven and family.
Steward (also spelled Stuard) Riley Slaven, son of Absalom and Betty (Woods) Slaven, with their children taken around the turn of the century in Iowa. From left to right they are: Fred, Steward, George, Marie, Anna (Kuhrt), baby Edward, John and Ida. Thanks to Danielle Rocha for the photo.

Marie Louise (Slaven) and Louis Matthes.
Marie Slaven, daughter of Steward Slaven, with Louis Frederick Matthes. They were married in Stuart, Iowa in 1901. Thanks to Danielle Rocha and David Britton for sharing the photo.

Sythe Slaven and family.
Sythe Slaven, daughter of William M. and Polly (Foster) Slavey with her daughters Julia Watson and Lavadie Waters, son Alfred Slaven, and son-in-law Frank Waters. Thanks to Pam Tucker for sharing the photo.

Harrison Slaven.
Harrison Slaven, a son of William M. and Polly (Foster) Slavey, with his daughter Maude and great-nephew Burl Slaven, who is a son of Alfred and Ella (Spradlin) Slaven. Photo courtesy of Pam Tucker.

Mary (Slaven) Perry and sons.
Mary (Slaven) Perry, a daughter of William M. and Polly (Foster) Slavey, with sons Robbie and Earl. Thanks to Pam Tucker for the photo.

John "J.B." Slaven and family.
John "J.B." and Sarah Savannah (Smith) Slaven and their children, Tollie, Beatrice, Wilbert, Inas, Nova and Nancy, in a photo taken at an unknown date in Oneida, Tennessee. John was a descendant of Richard Harve Slaven through Absalom and Elias Slaven.Thanks to Lorna Gheen for sharing the photo.

Wolford Slaven and family.
Wolford Slaven, wife, Flora, and children Guy, Beulah, Thelma and LeRoy in a portrait taken in Grinnell, Iowa, in 1920. Wolford was a descendant of Richard Harve Slaven through Elisha and Andrew Slaven. Thanks to Lorna Gheen for the photo.

David Slavin.
David Slavin of Syracuse, New York apparently ran afoul of the law in 1896. This photo, which was offered up on Ebay in March 2005, is an early "mug shot" from the Boston police department. According to information on the back of the photo, David was born ca. 1875 in Syracuse, and was arrested in Boston in May 1896 for robbery. Despite the somewhat scandalous circumstances, it's a good photo. Thanks to Bill Kellett for the scans.

Louisa Slavens.
Amanda Louisa Rountree Slavens, the wife of James H. Slavens, was a pioneer residen of southwest Missouri. Information on her life can found in the first chapters of the Luther Slavens biography. Thanks to John Adams for the photo.

Josephine Slavens.
Josephine Lindsey Slavens was the wife of Luther Slavens, the author of biography featured in our Bios section. Thanks to John Adams for the photo.

Eldest Canadian Slaven?
Ruth (Slaven) Noxon is likely one of the eldest Slaven family members in Canada. The daughter of Harry and Florence Slaven, she was born on the family farm near Bloomfield, Ontario, in 1921. She and husband Rex now live in Ottawa. Thanks to Penny Brogan for the photo.

Mary Slavens Crockett.
Mary Susan Slavens Crockett was a daughter of John Wesley Slavens, granddaughter of Thomas Jefferson Slavens, and gggranddaughter of Isaiah Slavens. Thanks to Mary Sue Austin for the photo.

James W.L. Slavens.
An engraving of early Kansas City packer and mayor James W.L. Slavens, from the book The United States Biographical Dictionary.

Thomas H. and Drusilla Slavens.
Thomas and Drusilla (Smith) Slavens are believed to be the older couple front and center in this large group photo. Please email me if you can confirm the indentification, or identify other people in the photo. Thanks to Wendy DiTuri for the scan.

William and Sarah Hill.
Sarah was a daughter of Lois Slaven and Ervin "Dick" Foster. She's pictured with husband William Richard "Dick" Hill. Thanks to B.J. Boyatt and Belinda Hill for the photo.

"Moccasin" John and Elizabeth Slaven.
"Moccasin" John and Elizabeth (Smith) Slaven of Scott County, Tennessee, in a photo taken around 1860. Thanks to Michael Bishop and B.J. Boyatt for the photo.

Slaven brothers.
Seven sons of Harvey and Sarah (Pennington) Slaven of Scott County, Tennessee pose for a photo taken in the 1940's. Thanks to Sue Hasty and B.J. Boyatt for the photo.

Marie Slaven and Louis F. Matthes Jr.
Marie Slaven, daughter of Stuart Slaven, and husband Louis F. Matthes Jr. pose ofr their wedding photo in 1901. Thanks to Allen Britton for the photograph.

James Hervey Slavens.
Pioneer Missouri minister and physician James Hervey Slavens was a son of William Stuart Slavens. More information on the noted doctor can be found on the "Bios" page. Thanks to Dr. John Adams for the photograph.

Luther and Joseph Slavens.
Luther J. Slavens and his son Joseph Rountree Slavens posed for this photo in the early 1880s. A link to Luther's autobiography is on the "Bios" page. Photo courtesy of John Adams.

Hermitage Merchantile Company.
Luther Slavens, second from the left, and son Joseph, second from the right, in front of the merchantile store they ran in Hermitage, Missouri, in the early years of the 20th century. Between them is Bernie Coon. Photo courtesy of John Adams.

Joseph Rountree Slavens family.
Joseph Slavens, daughter Helen, and wife Gertrude outside their home in Hermitage, Missouri, in a photo taken around 1910. Photo courtesy of John Adams.

Gertrude Slavens picnic.
Gertrude (McCaskin) Slavens, lower right, with a group of picnicers. Thanks to John Adams for the photo.

Mary Slavens.
Mary was the oldest daughter of Luther J. and Josephine Slavens. Photo courtesy of John Adams.

Inez Slavens.
Inez, another daughter of Luther J. and Josephine Slavens. Photo courtesy of John Adams.

Betty Woods Slaven.
Betty Woods Slaven, wife of Absalom Slaven, was born in June 1814 and died in 1903. Thanks to Marilyn King for the scan.

Sister of Samuel Lant Slaven.
The notation on the back of this photo is that she is a sister of Samuel Lant Slaven. His sisters were Mary Ann, Sarah Ellen, Caroline Virginia, Martha Adeline, and Lucy Priscilla. Photo courtesy of Katy Levis.

Alexander Nelson Slaven.
Alexander, 7 months old in the photo, was the oldest child of Wilbur Decatur and Nannie Slaven. He passed away at 15 months. Photo courtesy of Katharine Levis.

John and Mary Slaven.
John Woodell Slaven and Mary (Cline) Slaven of Virginia/West Viriginia. Photo courtesy of Katharine Levis.

Lant and Franklin Slaven.
Lant Rader Slaven holds his brother Franklin Wilbur in a photo taken around 1903. They are sons of Wilbur Decatur Slaven. Photo courtesy of Katharine Levis.

James Wilson Rader, Franklin Kerns Rader, and Lant Rader Slaven, in a photo taken in October 1920. The child is thought to be Frank Rader Jr. Photo courtesy of Katharine Levis.

Daughters of Lant and Rowena Slaven.
Margaret Montgomery, Katherine Hooper, and Nancy Waddell Slaven, daughters of Lant and Rowena Slaven, in 1933. Photo courtesy of Katharine Levis.

Pinckney and Harriet Slavens Kilgore.
Harriett was the daughter of Abner Calvin and Mary Slavens (or Slavins, Slavin). Abner was born in Tennessee in 1827, Harriet in 1856. Also pictured is her husband Pinckney Kilgore and son Albert. Photo courtesy of Michael Kilgore.

Pinckney Kilgore family.
Pinckney and Harriet Slavens Kilgore and family, ca. 1895. Photo courtesy of Michael Kilgore.

Samuel Lant Slaven.
Samuel Lant Slaven, son of William Slaven, grandson of John Slaven and great-grandson of John Slaven of Highland County. Samuel was born in 1843 and died in 1895. Thanks to Katharine Levis for the scans of the photos.

Samuel Lant Slaven.
Another photo of Samuel, probably taken several years after the photo above. Photo courtesy of Katharine Levis.

Hargis Hoyt Slaven.
Hargis Slaven was one of Samuel Lant Slaven's sons, born in 1869. Photo courtesy of Katharine Levis.

Albert and Frank Slaven.
According to identification on the photo, Albert Slaven, son of Jacob Gillispie Slaven, and his uncle Frank Slaven, son of William and Nancy (Cline) Slaven, pose for a portrait.. Photo courtesy of Katy Levis.

Bert and Mae Slavens and sons.
Seated is Bertie Solomon Slavens and wife Lizzie Mae (Murray). Standing behind them are their sons Basil, Kenneth, Murland, Bertie, Darrol, and Cameron, and son-in-law Henry T. Lively. Photo from The Clodfelter Book by Irene Romine and Betty Clodfelter. Thanks to Malcolm Romine for reprint permission. See the bookshelf page for information on ordering the Clodfelter books.

Bertie Slavens family.
Bertie and Mae with their children and spouses. Photo from The Clodfelter Book.

Bertie and Mae Slavens.The couple in a portrait from Christmas 1941. Bertie was a son of Phillip and Elmina (Clodfelter) Slavens. Photo from The Clodfelter Book.

Elmina Clodfelter Slavens.
Elmina Slavens, from a picture probably dating to the 1870's. Picture from Clodfelter Pioneer Days.

Margaret Slavens Lafoe.
Maggie was the daughter of William and Adeline Gowin Slavens. She was married to James Lafoe and passed away at age 25.

Jesse Slavens family.
Jesse and Elsie Irwin Slavens with two of their children, Lola and Faye. Jesse was a son of William and Adeline Slavens and lived his adult life in Crawfordsville, Indiana.

William Slaven family.
In the front row are Nancy Ann (Spradlin) and husband William Slaven; middle row, Elizabeth (Phillips) Slaven, wife of Elijah Slaven, and Lilly Jane (Slaven) Kidd; back row, George Washington Kidd, husband of Martha Slaven, Henry Slaven, and Elijah "Elige" Slaven holding daughter Pearlie Mae Slaven. William Slaven was a son of Elisha and Mary Ann (Sweet) Slaven. The photo was taken probably in the spring of 1913 and is courtesy of Lucy Slaven.

Jeff and Barzilla Slaven
Barzilla and Jefferson Slaven are pictured with their son and daughter-in-law, Abb and Millie Slaven. Photo courtesy of Lucy Slaven.

Elizabeth Slaven and Lilly Kidd.
Elizabeth (Mrs. Elijah) Slaven and her sister-in-law, Lilly Jane Slaven (Mrs. Cruise) Kidd. Thanks to Lucy Slaven for the photo.

Lizzie Slaven and grandchildren.
Elizabeth "Lizzie" Slaven, wife of Elijah "Elige" Slaven, poses for a family photo at her home in griffin, Kentucky, in 1953-4 with her daughter Nellie Slaven and many grandchildren. The grandchildren are: John Leslie, Wanda, and Dorothy Hammond, children of Bessie Marie (Slaven) arid Harry Clyde Hammond; Buddy and Tootsie Davis, children of Juanita (Slaven) and Raymond Davis; Adam, Eve, Virgil, and Billy Miller, children of Pearlie Mae (Slaven) and John Henry Miller; Rose Marie Brown, daughter of Charlie (Slaven) and Jesse Lee Brown; and Janet and Jimmy Slaven, children of Preston Slaven and Plina (Koger). Thanks to Lucy Slaven for the photo.

William C. Slavey.
William Slavey was a son of Pleasant and Susannah (Hill) Slavey, born May 30, 1849 in Pulaski County, Kentucky, and died August 30, 1901, in Taylor County, Kentucky. Photo courtesy of Lucy Slaven.

Noah Slavey.
Noah David "Doc" Slavey was a son of William C. and Eliza (Hatfield) Slavey. Photo courtesy of Lucy Slaven.

Noah Slavey's children.
Four children of Noah and Daisy (Sloan) Slavey's are pictured: Clarence, Walter, Cleo, and Myrtle. Photo courtesy of Lucy Slaven.

Clarence and Walter Slavey.
Two of Noah Slavey's sons. Photo courtesy of Lucy Slaven.

.Mary Ann Slaven.
Mary Slaven Boyatt, wife of Jurdon Boyatt, is pictured with Frona and Temple Boyatt, daughters of George Newton Boyatt and Mary Louvernia Ross. Jerome, son of Ransom and Poppie Litton Boyatt, is up in the tree. Photo courtesy of Dorothy Slaven via BJ Boyatt, with additional information from Beatrice Sweet-Jarrell. Thanks all!

Luther or Joseph Slavens.
This photo is believed to be of either Luther J. or Joseph Slavens, sons of James Hervey Slavens. Photo courtesy of John Adams.

A photo collection from the Slaven Clearing House.

The following photos were scanned by Rosaleen Myers (thanks Rosie!) from a photo album-type publication from the Slaven Clearing House many years ago. Thanks also to Kathy Steffey and Anita Woods for a photocopy and .pdf file of the album. Please email me if identifications are incorrect or if you can supply a scan of the original photograph to replace these scans of photocopies.

Likewise, if you supplied one of these photos to the Slaven Clearing House and do not want it used here, please email me and it will be removed. I debated for some time about using these; from the beginning I had decided that I would not be using any material published in any of the Slaven newsletters unless it was sent to me by the original contributor. However, photos seem to be a different animal. The photos were taken originally as a rememberance of the subjects, to share with other relatives and future generations. Preserving and sharing them electronically through this medium seems an extension of the original purpose.

Samuel Slaven Jr.
Samuel lived in Clay and Vigo Counties in Indiana.

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse B. Slaven
Jesse Benjamin Slaven was born 29 November 1826 in Bath County, Virginia, and died there in 1919. He was married to Mary P. Slaven, daughter of Jacob G. Slaven, and then to Mary Byrd (pictured) after his first wife's death.

Four sons of Jesse Slaven.
Henry, Reuben, Ernest, and William, sons of Jesse Benjamin Slaven. More information can be found with the photo.

Ernest McKinley Slaven.
Ernest McKinley Slaven was the son of Jesse Benjamin Slaven and Mary P. Slaven. Mary was the daughter of Jacob Gillespie Slaven. Ernest was born 21 January 1855 in Highland County, Virginia and died in 1934. He married Mary Lula Johnson in November 1883 in Virginia. The boy in the picture is Robert Kyle Slaven, born in 1905.

Ernest Slaven family.
Ernest McKinley and Mary (Johnson) Slaven and children of Highland County, Virginia, ca. 1895. Ernest was the son of Jesse Benjamin Slaven. More information can be found with the photo.

John Kenton Slaven
John Kenton Slaven was born 23, 12, 1892 in Vanderpool, Virginia, the son of Ernest McKinley Slaven and Mary L. Johnson. John married Elenor Leona Davis on June 13, 1917 in Marlington, Virginia. She was born March 18, 1900 and died December 18, 1949. They were the parents of ten children. The small child in the photograph could be Carol Davis Slaven, their last child.

Daughters of Annie Slaven Campbell.
Jessie Byrd, Sally Stephenson, Eva Stephenson, and Sally and Eva's sister-in-law Susan Stephenson.

Eva Clyde Campbell.
Eva was the daughter of Annie L. Slaven (daughter of Jesse Benjamin Slaven) and Dr. Oscar J. Campbell. She married Adam Stephenson.

Sarah Laird Campbell.
Sallie was another daughter of Annie L. Slaven.

Ann Margret Stephenson.
Ann was the daughter of Adam and Eva (Campbell) Stephenson.

William Ashby Slaven.
William was a son of Jesse Benjamin Slaven.

Lucy (Crowley) Slaven
Lucy married William Ashby Slaven. The identity of the child is unknown.

Reuben Bernard Slaven.
Bernard was born 23 April 1865 in Virginia, a son of Jesse Benjamin Slaven. He married Annie Hines and lived around Pocahontas County, West Virginia.

William Pennington.
William was the son of Daniel and Susan Jane (Slaven) Pennington.

Ida (Lowdermilk) Pennington.
Ida May (Lowdermilk) was the wife of William Pennington. She was born 13 April 1871 at Nevada City, Missouri, and died 20 February 1937 in Richmond, California..

Lyman and Susan Slavens.
Lyman Slavens was born 17 May 1874 in Sweet Home, Oregon, the son of John William Slavens and Eliza Jane Hearing/Herring. Lyman died 14 September 1961 in Medford, Oregon. He was married to Susan Lucinda Davis on 12 December 1899 in Oregon.

Eliza Harring Slavens.
Eliza Jane Hearing/Harring was born 29 August 1840 in Indiana and died in 1930 at John Day, Oregon. Eliza married John William Slavens, son of Daniel and Milia (Spencer) Slavens.Eliza and Jane traveled to Oregon by covered wagon in 1863.

Susan (Davis) Slavens.
Susan Lucinda was the daughter of Lorin and Susan (Wormly) Davis, born 14 January 1872 in Dillard, Oregon.She married Lyman Slavens and died 15 August 1966 in Medford, Oregon.

Henry R. Slavens
Henry was born in April of 1868 in Oregon. He is the son of George Washington Slavens. He married twice, to a lady named "Pat" and then to Lucretia Henrietta (Gilliland) Berry.

Slavens Blacksmith Shop.
The Slavens blacksmith shop was located between 11th and 12th on Long Street in Sweet Home, Oregon.

Father William Henry Slavin
Father William Henry Slavin was born 21 June 1856 in Rochester, New York and was baptised the same day. He was the son of Matthias Slevin and Margaret McCormick. He was ordained 12 July 1885 at Vincennes, Indiana.

Joseph Slavens
Joseph was the son of Stuart, son of Reuben, son of John of County Tyrone. He served in 1st Ohio Light Artillary, Battery L in the Civil War. In 1866 Joe and his wife Mary (Mabee) moved to Wayne County, Iowa, where they gave land and $300 towards the building of the Antioch Church located 5 1/2 miles southwest of Seymour.

Absalom Slaven sons during the Civil War.
Sons of Absalom Slaven with members of Company K, 30th Kentucky Infantry, Union Forces. The date of the photo is unknown and no names were provided.

Absalom Slaven sons, Scott County, Tennessee, 1903.
They are Jefferson Slaven, born 1848/49, Abe or Ale Slaven, born 1858, Richard D. Slaven, born 1843, and James A. Slaven, born 1841.

Tabitha (Slaven) Duncan.
Tabitha was a daughter of Jefferson Slaven, born February 3, 1878, and died October 29, 1966. She married Oliver Duncan. The date of the photo is unknown.

Nancy (Daugherty) Slaven.
Nancy Elizabeth Daugherty was the daughter of Hiram Daugherty, born February 23,1876 in Silverville, McCreary County, Kentucky. She married Emanuel Slaven and died April 23, 1916 in Glen Elder, Mitchell County, Kansas. Photo taken in 1916.

Absalom and James H. Slaven
Absalom (Ab) Slaven, born 1868, and James H. Slaven, born September 22, 1886 or 87 and died June 7, 1949, were sons of Jefferson Slaven.

William Boone Slaven and wife Emma (Kelly) Slaven.
William was the son of Reuben, son of Stewart, son of John Slavin of Couty Tyrone. He was born April 6, 1840 at Meadowdale, Virgina, and died April 17, 1923 at Fairlie, Texas.

Emma Rebecca (Kelly) Slaven.
Emma was the daughter of David Kelly and Margaret Slaven. She was born November 5, 1849 at Woodstock, Illinois, and died September 9, 1927, at Fairlie, Texas. She married William Boone Slaven and they had four children. Emma's mother, Margaret, was the daughter of Jesse Slaven and Ann Gibson.

Calvin, Ruth, and Newton Terry
Calvin Terry, wife Ruth (Slaven) Terry, and son Newton Terry.

Emanuel Slaven
Emanuel Slaven, son of Jefferson Slaven, was born January 30,1873 at Winfield, Scott County, Tennessee, and died July 28, 1955, at Manhattan, Kansas.

Finas L. Slaven
F.L. Slaven of New Orleans, the complier of "A History of the Slaven Family."

Other Photos.

Dianses and Sallie Ann Slavin.
Dianses (or Dianicus) and Sarah (Sallie) Ann Slavin. Dianses and Sarah Warman were married in 1866 in Pulaski County, Kentucky, after his stint with the 12th Kentucky Infantry in the Civil War. Photo courtesy of Lois Scott Lipker.

Mabel and Roy Slaven.
Mabel and Roy Slaven in front of their home near Hightown, Highland County, Viriginia. Roy was the last male with the Slaven surname to live in Highland County. Roy passed away in 1975 and Mabel in 1981. Photo courtesy of Kathy Steffey.

George W. and Sarah (Hale) Slavin.
George W. Slavin was born in Scotland County, Missouri, in 1842. He was a grandson of John Slavin of Garrard County, Kentucky, and son of George D. and Dorothy (Terrill) Slavin. Photo courtesy of Tim Slavin.

Mabel and Roy Slaven.
Mabel and Roy Slaven in front of their home near Hightown, Highland County, Viriginia. Roy was the last male with the Slaven surname to live in Highland County. Roy passed away in 1975 and Mabel in 1981. Photo courtesy of Kathy Steffey.

Ollie Slaven Terry and grandchildren.
Ollie Slaven Taylor Hughes with grandchildren in a photo taken about 1946. Ollie was the daughter of John and Rachel Slaven, born in 1881 in Wayne County, Kentucky, and died in 1956 in McCreary County, Kentucky. Photo courtesy of Gina Goodrich.

Arthur Slavin, wife Maria (Brassard) and daughter Jeanne.
The Arthur Slavin family of the Montreal, Quebec, Canada area, in a photo taken in the mid-1920's. Photo courtesy of Guy Billard.

George Nelson Slavens.
George was the son of James S. Slavens and Lydia (Weir). Thanks to Barb Vestor for the photo.

Children of George N. and Lida May (Sanders) Slavens.
Charles R. Slavens, George F. Slavens, Edith (Slavens) Payton, Pearl (Slavens ) Lampton, Everett Slavens, and Cora( Slavens) Thompson. Photo courtesy of Barb Vestor.

Henry McGill Slavens.
Henry was a son of Isaiah Slavens Jr. He was born in Greene County, Indiana, and died at Greeley, Kansas. Photo courtesy of Rosie Myers.

James Kenmore Slavens.
James was a son Henry Slavens/grandson of Isaiah Jr. He was born in a covered wagon in an immigrant camp near Albia, Iowa, on the trail to Kansas. Photo courtesy of Rosie Myers.

James Kenmore Slavens family.
The family of James Kenmore Slavens outside Oklahoma City in 1900 as they moved to Oklahoma to settle. Orin Clyde Slavens, who turned 12 on the trip, walked behind the covered wagon. Photo courtesy of Rosie Myers.

Orin Clyde Slavens.
Orin Clyde "Bud" Slavens was a son of James Kenmore Slavens. The photo was taken in Panama in 1913 while serving with the 10th Infantry. Photo courtesy of Rosie Myers.

Orin Clyde and Ethel Slavens.
Orin Clyde Slavens and wife Ethel (Peck) in 1916. Photo courtesy of Rosie Myers

James Clyde Slavens.
This portrait of James Clyde Slavens, son of Orin and Ethel Slavens, was painted by William Myers. James Clyde was killed in action in Germany in 1945. Photo courtesy of Rosie Myers

Jennie Slavens Rudde.
Jennie was a daughter of Orin and Ethel Slavens. The photo was taken in 1993, the year of her death. Photo courtesy of Rosie Myers

Rosaleen Slavens Myers.
Rosie, daughter of Orin and Ethel Slavens, has contributed a number of photos and other materials to this site. Thanks Rosie!

Nancy Ann (Slavens) Dean family, Audubon County, Iowa, c.1900
Nancy was the daughter of James and Mary Slavens of Hendricks County, Indiana. She, husband James Dean, and their family moved to Iowa in the 1880's and this family portrait brings together the whole family, including two who have passed on. Photo courtesy of Jeanine Wichman.

Jolietta (Dean) Ridgeway, 1950's
Jolietta was a daughter of James and Nancy (Slavens) Dean, granddaughter of James and Mary Slavens of Hendricks County, Indiana. Photo courtesy of Bonita Olmer.

Bransby and Sarah Dean Ellis.
Sarah was a daughter of Nancy Slavens Dean. Photo courtesy of Bonita Olmer.

Guy Slavens, 1913.
My grandfather, Guy Slavens, in 1913, probably taken in Hendricks County, Indiana.

Putnam County Revolutionary War plaque.
This plaque honoring Revolutionary War veterans, including Isaiah Slavens, is in the courthouse at Greencastle, Indiana. Photo courtesy of Ellen Smith.

Locomotive "The General" ca. 1910.
An old postcard showing the locomotive stolen by Samuel Slavens and the other Andrews Raiders during the Civil War. See the Bios and Links pages for more information on "the great locomotive chase." Here's another old postcard of The General.

John Slavin land, Highland County, Virginia

The following the photos are courtesy of Bonnie Bartlett. They were taken by Bob and Mable Singleton of Norris City, Illinois, in the mid-1980's.
Mable Singleton at the old John and Elizabeth Stewart Slavin homestead.
Stones around the site of the Slavin cabin.
Remains of the well house over a spring in front of the cabin.
Slavin land.
Another photo of the Slavin land.
Bob Singleton at John and Elizabeth Slavin gravesite, Highland County, Virginia. .
Third Slaven home, near Monterey, Virginia. At the time of the photo, home was occupied by a Mrs. Pugh, who was a Slaven descendant.

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