Family Bibles.

Genealogists have a great interest in family Bibles and the family history recorded in them. Such family records may be the only documentation for events that occurred before counties and states began recording such information. Scans of Bible pages, photos of the Bible, transcriptions of entries, and similar photos and information is welcome here.

Reuben Slavens Bible.
Carol Slavens shared this photograph of the "Births" page from a Reuben Slavens family Bible. (Since there are SO many Reuben Slavenses in this line, please note that this is the Reuben Slavens who was a son of Charles and Margaret (McClure) Slavens of Pike County, Ohio, who married Harriet Rader in 1869. He was a brother of Samuel Slavens, the Civil War Medal of Honor winner.

Daniel Slavens/Comfort McCullough family Bible.
Dolores Ham shared this image of a page from what's known as the Daniel Slavens family Bible. Mary Sue Austin supplied two transciptions of Bible records of Daniel's family, but I'm sure if these represent two different family Bibles or transcriptions made by different people at different times. I'll try to get this straightened out and additional images. Thanks to Dolores Ham, Dora Nolan, and Mary Sue Austin for supplying this information.
Births page from the Daniel Slavens Bible.
The Lengfellner transcription of family history information from a Slavens/McCullough family Bible.
The Click transcription of family history information from a Slavens/McCullough family Bible.

Samuel Lant Slaven family Bible.
Katy Levis has contributed scans of the family events pages and a couple other documents kept in the Samuel Lant Slaven family Bible. Photos of Samuel and other members of the family can be found on the PICS page. Thanks to Katy for the scans!


Page 1 of a document kept in the Bible.

Page 1 of another document kept in the Bible.   

Page 2.

Page 2.

Page 3.

Page 3.

Page 4

Page 4

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