A Fair Exchange?

Sunday morning a stranger, who gives his name as Woods, accosted Nick Stoffel, S.F. Jamieson's popular clerk, as he came out of the post office and said he wanted to get some clothes and gave some plausible excuse for wanting them that morning so Nick told him to come around to the store. He did so, and had purchased a coat and had put it on and was looking at a pair of pants when Stuart Slaven, a farmer who lives on the old E.B. Newton farm, came into the store and told Woods that he wanted he should pay him that money that he had agreed to. Woods replied that he had no money, where upon Stuart drew a pistol and cocking it told him that if he didn't pay he would shoot him. "Shoot away" was Woods' cool reply, "I am ready to die." Slaven then asked if he had paid for the coat that he had on, and finding that he had, ordered him to hand it over and he would call it square. As Woods did not comply Slaven pointed the revolver at Woods' breast, took the coat by the collar and jerked it off, and walked out of the store. There was some talk about arresting Slaven but it has not been done. His story is that Woods borrowed $15 of him and had not paid him back as he agreed to. Woods is still in town. He seems to be on a protracted spree.

Casey (Iowa) Vindicator, August 23, 1883.