Clinton Peters letter.
A scan of one of the letter's sheets. The transcription below tries to maintain the same spelling and (lack of) punctuation. Thanks to John Caster for sharing.

Graysville Geo Apr 19, 1864

Much respected daughter it is with the greatest pleasure that I imbrace this present opportunity of answering your most welcome letter which came to hand a few days ago I was glad to hear from you and to hear that you and all the rest of your uncles folks was well yours found me in joying good health my health has been as good since I left as I ever had it. I stood up to the march as well as the best of them we marched 195 miles in 16 days and laid over three days of that time it was not very heavy marching but the load we had to carry mad it pretty hard I will give you a little description of it we had our Knap sacks with a change of cloths blanket our coat canteen tents haversack with from 3 to five days rations in it guns and acutraments a frying pan and coffeepot against a man gets all of that packed on his back it hold him pretty near the ground but it does not bother me any if I can only keep my health I think I can stand it there was between 50 and 75 that plaid out on the rout and had to be sent through on the cars The health of the boys is all good with the exception of Ezra Honkwalee [Shenkwiler -ed.] he has got the small pox but is getting better he rest of us was exposed to them but have not taken them yet nor I think we will not or I hope so at least your uncle Reuben beat us through 6 days he came through on the cars him and John is both well and says that you must write we have been at this place for 10 days I do not know how long we will stay here we have got a nice camp here and it is a pleasant place we have drill 5 hrs in a day that is nothing but play I would not be displeased if they would keep us here all summer nor I wont grumble if they take us away I am under their orders and must obey I got a letter from your mother dated Apr 8 and was truly glad to hear from them and to hear that they was all well but was sorrow to hear that there was so much sickness and deaths in the neighborhood I want you to write often for you do not know how much good it does a soldier to get a letter we get our mail every evening you aut to see the boys running to see if there is any letters for them if not they hang their lips and go back to their quarters badly disappointed when you write I want you to send me your Potograph if you please I want you to tell your aunt and Uncle George and Frank to all write to me without fail and I will answer all letters as best as the opportunity presents its self tell Slavens folk that Andrew is well and harty when you write give me all the news that you think will interest me give my love to all I will have to close for it is drill time I want you to be a good girl and take your aunts and uncles advise and I know that you will do rite and get a long fine I want you to go home as often as your aunt can spare you Kiss them swet babes for me you do not know how I would like to have that privelag once more I am putting my trust in the good lord hoping that we will be permitted to all meet again on this earth if not so briefly we prepare to meet where parting will be no more now Harriet I want you to bare this in mind you must send or take this to your mother and tell them that I send them my love and best wishes so I must close by [something] my self your father and well wishes from

CJ Peters

To Harriet Peters

Direct to 33 regiment [something] in care of Captain Sikes 14 army care