Cannot "soothe the dull, cold ear of death" and when much vaunted remedies fail to cure the diseases for which they are offered and the patient dies, relatives and friends are not deceived thereafter by honeyed words and persuasive pleadings. Use the medicine which does at claims to do. Gooch's Mexican Syrup absolutely guarantees the cure of Consumption; it accomplishes this in the only rational manner by aiding the organization and digestion of food as to stop the supply of tuberculous matter, thus controlling all symptoms and effecting a permanent cure. A cough is a dangerous menace to health and even to life itself. Gooch's Mexican Syrup stops it, as the following letter abundantly proves:

"GENTLEMEN-- I never expect to be without Gooch's Mexican Syrup in the house again. It is the best medicine I ever used in my family. My wife had a violent cough for six years, and I tried almost everything, but nothing seemed to do her any good. We had almost given up all hope of her being cured. I got some of your Gooch's Mexican Syrup, and she used six bottles, and it cured her sound and well. I also cured my daughter who had a cough for about three years. I think it is the best medicine in the world, and I cannot say enough in its favor. I can cheerfully recommend it to every one who has consumption or a cough. With great obligations, I am, yours, etc.

John Slavens.
Etna Furnace, Ohio.

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