In 2014 I started a blog, with plans to write about genealogical mysteries and discoveries, interesting historical figures, and more. But my health hasn't been very cooperative, and then in December 2014 hackers exploited a security hole in the blogging software. I shut down the old blog, and have been struggling to get it back online in some form. Well... here's that form, at least for now.


Health and Link Rot.

A bit more about the blog, my health, and the importance of hard copies and backups.


The death of James Slavens.
Sometimes wishes do come true-- my gggrandfather's probate packet, offlimits in a courthouse basement 15 years ago, gives up its secrets when the files are scanned and put online. May your genealogical wishes come true too!

A new Reuben Slavens.
The aforementioned probate packet provides proof (close to it, anyway) of another child in my ggrandfather's family.

James and Benjamin Slavens.
A synthesis of information from several sources advancing the theory that my gggrandfather James Slavens was not a twin of Phillip Slavens, but of Benjamin Slavens.


Pioneer aviator James J. Slavin.
Who knew that a Slavin was one of those "magnificent men in their flying machines" back in the days when if you wanted to take a plane ride, you'd better be able to build the plane yourself.

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